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what happens with the personal training records from the myasics account?

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Happy New Year to all !!!

I just restarted my regular running after few months of an injury recovery. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed to find out that myasics is gone.

The worst part for me is that I lost my training records (all my running since 2011). Do you have any idea if they deleted the entire database with the app? Is it possible to import the data records from the old myasics account?

Thanks and best regards,

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Happy new year!! And a huge, warm, 2019 welcome to the forum!!

MyAsics merged with Runkeeper last year, but the ASICS accounts still exist. Have you tried logging into your account in a web browser? I just accessed mine, but as I never used the app to record runs I can't tell you if run data has been kept. It does still have my personal info in there (height, weight, etc).

Worth a try:


From your question I'm guessing you've already tried that and there's no data. I know that Runkeeper offered their app free for a year to previous MyAsics users, within a time window, so it could be that that was the only way to preserve the data - in which case you might be out of luck 😔.

misswobble took up the offer so she'll know more about it - mw?

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We were notified in advance by email that the whole lot was being shut down and that you could preserve your data by following the link provided and they would send the data to you for your own retention. I had several reminders and duly saved mine

If you didn’t then it’s a goner 🙈

Thank you so much for your answers.

I take the blame for this loss. I definitely missed the notifications. It was such long time ago when I created that account on myasics that I forgot I switched to a new email address.

I never used the myasics app to register my workouts. Always inserted them manually in the web browser as my activity was kind of diverse (gym, track, parks, trail hiking, races) and pretty often with different devices. The funny part is that runkeeper knows my credentials, but no sign of my records/personal data.

Since it appears no way to sync my old account I am considering to subscribe in order to get my workout history ... if only that was still available somewhere in their database.

Perhaps I should try and contact myasics/runkeeper...

Thanks again for replying.



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Langley-LoperHalf Marathon

It's a total bummer, myasics disappearing. I printed out and kept my HM training plan but the 10k speed improvement one would have been more useful to repeat. I threw that one away stupidly. I'm not bothered about losing run records as I used Strava in parallel but the loss of custom training plans was tragic.

Maybe I will ask for a Runkeeper subscription for my birthday, but it seems a waste of money when all I want is the training plans and not the activity recording.

I wonder if you can get your free trial period, generate lots of different custom plans, print them then cancel your subscription before having to pay?

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roseabiPartner in reply to Langley-Loper

That sounds like an idea! I wonder if the plans are similar?

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I’m having issues with runkeeperGo at the moment It won’t save my runs and i’m Being told to write down all the stats, delete the session from the app and then manually input it again Rather defeats the object. 🙄

They are reasonably contactable I always get a reply if I ask something via their contact details Myasics is now myasicsOne and it seems to be the portal to reach Runkeeper My log-in to runkeepergo didn’t work last week After that I got an email explaining the change and then the app stopped uploading Don’t know if the two are connected

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