Merry Winter Running one and all!

Merry Winter Running one and all!


Today my MyAsics Marathon Plan gave me a slow 5K jog, which was very nice of it, considering how jolly windy it is today!

I've just about managed to stay on track so far, despite the Christmas shenanigans. But now it is time for mince pies (M&S Frangipane ones if you're interested, very nice too, I recommend), coffee with a nip of brandy, and some righteous present wrapping!

I wish you all a pleasant Christmas, and all the best luck for 2017. I also hope you are all enjoying your winter running (as much as possible), and today I came upon this useful post I thought I would share:

The Ten Commandments of Winter Running

I like the last one, I never thought about a three year plan before!

10. Thou shalt think long term

When you are thinking about your running, always think about the three-year plan. Ask yourself the question: what will make me the best, most fulfilled athlete I can be three years from now? Write that question on a post-it note, put it on your fridge and align your daily decisions with the answer.

During winter, we write the opening credits to our race season. Stay patient, stay positive and stay motivated. The rest of the show is always worth it.

Abi xx

p.s. I found the article via (which I also recommend!) :)

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  • Great post !

    That makes a lot of sense that article . I know we all have a grumble about running in the cold and dark, but yes , its true its all miles on the legs , keeps us ticking over and pays dividends come Spring . Its all in the training and every little bit counts .

    Thank you for sharing this and a very Happy Christmas to you too ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you! xxx

  • I am definitely a winter runner. The heat of summer slows me down or won't even let me run on really hot days. In winter I have no excuse and even if I'm slow I can still get some mileage in. And I get to feel very smug when everyone else doesn't want to go out!

  • I love the cold too, but for some reason this year I'm feeling a bit put off. I think it might be because I'm going further than I was last year, and finding it difficult to get up early enough with the dark mornings. Or something :) Anyway, I've been surprised to find myself missing the summer!

  • Oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all. Thanks for your support!

  • Thank you :)

  • I like no. 6, that works for me.....short hills, tickety boo! No.7 made me laugh! Happy days and best wishes to you too 🎅


  • Thank you :)

    Does anyone ever obey No. 7?

  • Brill rose!

    Merry xmas to you and shall running tomorrow and xmas day the two w 's permitting (wife and weather)! Lol


  • All the best, and enjoy those runs if you are permitted :) I managed to stagger up to parkrun this morning, and get my "8k fast" for my marathon plan, two birds!

  • Brill

    Merry xmas!!


  • Gosh, I got a pb at parkrun 😁

  • ... and a happy Christmas to you... I love the idea of a 3 year plan, I may just do that too!!... enjoy your mincepies ☃️☃️☃️☃️

  • I'm still in shock over how long it took me to wrap those presents :)

    Thank you ju-ju! Three years... imagine how many miles by then :O

  • I don't make long term plans. I don't even make short term ones. I think they always go awry so I prefer to hang loose and let things develop.

    It was the final run of myasics plan today. I was supposed to do a fast run but I couldn't be bothered. It was a bit of a hilly run and it was windy so I thought I'd just go steady and enjoy it, which I did.

    Ta for that link! I shall give that a whirl. Wonder if Ju Ju has seen it

  • Ah yes, as the saying goes: Man plans; god laughs. Or something like that :) In three years time I'll be 50, so it seems like a challenge for me :)

    Sounds like a lovely run! Glad you like the link, too.

  • Great article. Thank you for the share. I particularly enjoyed this one

    "I recommend athletes make big race decisions while running hard uphill at race effort near the end of a training run. If you still want to sign up for the race when your heart rate is sky high and your muscles are searing, then it’s worth doing. If the discomfort makes your motivation wane, you might want to think twice"

  • Definitely a good point well made!

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