Does MyAsics really adapt?

Hi all! I'm plodding away at my winter marathon training, using the Mapmyrun training plan (I'm in week 12 out of 30). It's supposedly dynamic, but I can't see that any changes have been made to it, despite consistently performing better than projected during my workouts. Maybe it's because I haven't always been able to keep up with my 4 runs a week? But even then I'd expect it to adapt.

I plan to stick with it for now, but have been wondering if I should look at MyAsics once my Christmas race is over and I ramp up my training for the big race in April. Lots of you have mentioned it here, so are you happy? Does it really adapt to how you perform during training?

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  • Yup, it is interactive, as long as you remember to feed in your run details into the programme so,it's up to date. I do it post run after my bath πŸ™‚

    The plan you get is only as accurate as the info you feed in. It's important to do it properly so you get the plan suited to your capability. If you have been running for less than 18 months to 2 years select the "easy" plan. I have been running longer but found the intermediate plan far too difficult so now always opt for the easy option 3 times a week. You can choose 2, 3 or 4

    You are asked your age and your latest race results for the distance you want a plan for. It asks if you have a race in mind, the distance and date. You get a very detailed plan churned out based on the info you input. Once you embark on it you do the runs as laid down and then feedback your run times which you are given as a guide. If you start to slow up or,do better than expected you will get asked if you want to make changes

    There is an app as well,but it gets on my wick as the gps can't be found in my woods so I stick to Garmin

    I am always on a myasics plan πŸ˜ƒ

  • Thanks for the detailed reply, misswobble! I'm considering getting the app when the time comes, although it feel silly to have two apps running at the same time - I always use Mapmyrun to log my runs.

  • I don bother with the app but I feed my run stats in to the myasics programme from my Garmin watch onto my desktop pc. You can import directly but the splits usually mess up πŸ™‚

  • Hi C3PO. I've been using Myasics to train for a 10k at the end of September. I am now on week 9 and my plan hasn't changed from the original it gave me. Most of my runs have been faster than the suggested pace, just because their suggested pace is so slow, not because I'm fast. The last 2 weeks the plan expects me to go from 8.58 pace to 6.48 pace which seems impossible after 9 weeks of being told to run slowly.

    I'm sticking with it just for the distances and using my own pace and it does help motivate me knowing I've got a run scheduled on a particular day.

  • Me too, Jacky - I've just posted something similar at the same time :D

  • I have been wondering this. I don't see any changes, even though I am consistently faster and run further. Admittedly I have missed some of the runs so I am lacking the distance, but I would expect to see changes on either the suggested time for my race or at the very least the suggested time for my planned runs. I haven't seen any changes at all.

    misswobble , what are the changes you see? When do these happen? Do you have to do anything, like press a button somewhere?

  • I've had a couple of instances of MyAsics suggesting a change because I've been going faster than indicated by the plan - I got the sort of email that misswobble mentioned below. On my MyAsics page I can see that, leading up to one of the times where I got the email, the orange circles on the plan summary say respectively:

    -38s, -43s, -25s, -22s, -24s, -19s, and I did all the runs on the plan during that period (it was only 2 runs per week, and I was doing a 5K plan).

    Hope the "orange circles" make sense to you! Like Miss W I only use MyAsics on desktop.

  • I can see the orange circles too, but I have never had an email.

    So - either myAsics thinks it's not really me that's running or it thinks I am a loser and can't really do this :(

  • I meant the numbers IN the orange circles...

  • Yes - sorry, I have -73s, -50s, -14s etc. as well. It still has my original time from when I started my plan and it has never suggested a change, that's all. It doesn't actually matter, because I'm still going to be the slowest person there, and my aim is to finish it and get that bling rather than be a DNF. It's just that if some people get emails and I don't...

  • Ah, hmmm that is strange, looks like you've been running much faster. Seems a bit random!

    I'm sure you won't be the slowest, but I hope you can enjoy it at least a bit! Go get that bling :)

  • I sometimes get an online pop up as I have input my run stats. It comes up after myasics asks "have we got everything right for you". More usually I get an email to recommend going harder or pulling back. It will say something like " so, we've noticed you're running slower than usual. to avoid injury we recommend reducing your pace". You then get a choice to accept their pace changes, or not. If you are going better than planned you get your pace upped And your projected race time

    Maybe it's cos I am on the desktop version? Or maybe you have run more consistently than me Murph so no tweaks have been necessary. They come up with the changes pdq

  • I look at the desktop as well, but I've never had an email. MyAsics despises me.

    Oh, but I discovered where Nance went. She is a right divvy and isn't clever enough to hold on tight when they update the app, so it resets to no voice guidance. I switched her back on yesterday for my long run. She was 1km out at the end of it - she thought I had done 15km when Garmin told me I had done 14.

  • When I did my 10k plan for June I had an email to say that my asics recommended a change ie to go faster. I accepted the first change and it was spot on until the event when I was expected to run 8.58 min/mile which I had not been doing in training! I haven't had any emails on my current plan though.

  • Ouch! Nope, no emails here :(

  • Maybe it doesn't change now. I am not bothered this time as I am not so religious about following the exact time and distance, rather use it for a guide. For my 10 mile plan it jumps from 6.5 miles long run to 8.5 miles so I may slowly increase the long run rather than jump. I also note that I don't actually run 10 miles before the 'event' date, which I may do myself just for reassurance! Perhaps that is normal for longer distance training plans.

  • Yes, it does go up in big jumps, which I think is a bit ambitious so I too will increase more gradually. Also, I worry about not running the whole distance before the event, although I have seen many people say that they don't do this. I want to know that I can do it though. I know people say that the adrenaline etc. will carry you through, but on a long distance such as 10 miles I'll be knackered by the end and won't have any adrenaline left!

  • I would want to know I could do it! Even if you've run it once before it's gonna be tough, especially if it's warm

    You can do it though Murph as you have plenty of running on your legs by now πŸ’ͺπŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

  • I wonder if you have to tick a box to receive tweak emails. That being said, I've not been tweaked of lateπŸ™„

  • I've used the MyAsics plan this time and it has adpated my times as I was slower than predicted, it did not change much nor did it change my finish time. As I was injured and haven't run some, but kept on feeding it with my data the plan has not changed at all.

    I personally like the Asics site but do feel it is not dynamic enough. But it's a good plan to follow and gives you a great idea on what you need to do.

  • I was offered a tweak today as I am too slow πŸ™„


  • Mine seems static as well. Never asked me a thing even though I go much faster than it suggests...

  • A little update from me. My usual app has adapted! After a run on Saturday that left me feeling really unwell, I dropped yesterday's planned run, which obviously reduced my mileage for the week. So when I opened the app this morning, to plan today's 5.8K run, I saw that it had reduced my distances slightly for the next few weeks.

    I'm quite happy about this, as I'm running the HM at the Oslo Marathon this weekend, with Royal Parks coming up soon after, so I needed to reduce my mileage slightly anyway.

    The app hasn't changed the finishing time for my Xmas marathon, though.

  • Another update from me. The app has been updating my mileage for the week on Monday mornings, which is good. I'm not sure what happened this week, but last night I checked it and confirmed that I has a 12K run scheduled for today. I went out and did it in new shoes, and clearly still in recovery mode, but slightly faster than the scheduled pace. When I got ready to pair the workouts, the app had adapted again, and only a 9.7K run was planned for today.:-(

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