Long runs and taperings and other beasts

Long runs and taperings and other beasts


I think I know why people find marathon training tapering hard going: it's because after having done the longest training run we have to go out and do MORE running just a few days after! MyAsics demanded 8k at "race pace" from me this morning, and 16k is coming up on Friday. Sheesh. Why am I doing this? :)

My long run on Saturday was 32k, or just under 20 miles, with a big old hill in the middle. For the last marathon my longest run was 22 miles with lots of hills. I mostly read that the long run should not be as long as the marathon to save one's body from too much of an immense pounding. But then again I just listened to a podcast interview with Jeff Galloway* (seems like a nice chap!), where he said that he thought people should do the whole 26.2 miles in training so they know what they're in for. I used to rather think this myself, but I've ended up deciding to err on the side of caution. And I did a marathon fairly recently, so at least I have some idea I suppose...


Anyway, as I've mentioned elsewhere, the almost-20-miler went well and I'm feeling fine. Impatient :) Here's a pic for benwill of the Beast-Machine, complete with beast!

* runnersconnect.net/running-...

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  • I think Galloway is the only internet coach I've seen that suggests going the full distance. But then again, he obviously recommends walk/run to get constant recovery, and if memory serves right he suggests a quite conservative training pace compared to expected race pace.

    On the flip side, you have tried it before, so you know what 42.2 km feels like, and you know from experience that stubbornness and will power will carry you the last few miles you didn't cover in the training.

    Well done for bagging the 32 km and still having the gumption to go out this morning. Sounds like you're well and truly ready, and all you need to do is relax and enjoy that although there are still running to do, they are now becoming shorter and shorter very quickly. Got to love that "last HM distance", "last 10 miler", "last 10 km", "last ..." that ticks by so quickly :)

    Congratulations on getting to here. You've put in the effort and you're ready. I look foward to read all about race day :)

  • Thanks Tomas! You are so right about the value of experience. I had no idea what I was doing the last time, actually. I'm amazed I'm not still wandering around up in the hills somewhere :)

  • I would say you have done your full distance you know how it feels, Beachy head is certainly a lot harder marathon then Brighton in multiple of ways. Brighton is fairly flat, lots of water stations, crowds cheering you on almost all the way (apart from the power station) and its on road.

    Thanks for the picture of the beast it is very impressive and good that you got your saddle warmer on its a bit nippy today.

    (I hope no cat's were hurt while photographing)

  • :D I wouldn't say it was quite her idea to get on the saddle, but she didn't seem to mind...

    Thanks, Ben. Mind you, Beachy Head has plenty of water stations, and also along the way they have Mars Bars, Jaffa Cakes, biscuits, sausage rolls, soup, tea, hot cross buns, bemused ramblers, and a Highland piper. Plus lunch, and a dip in the pool, when you finish. You can't possibly say no to all that!

  • Well she does look like she wants to give it a spin, and who can blame her!

    No one mentioned Mars Bars, Jaffa Cakes, Biscuits, Sausage rolls, Soup, Hot Cross buns before! where do i sign up?

  • Ha ha :) It goes past a pub as well, so there's always the option to nip in for a cheeky pint, too...

  • To be honest, I think she needs a bike with a slightly smaller frame... :)

  • Ha ha, yes, and a set of stabilisers!

  • That is a superb photograph. I thought you must have got it from a professional site.

    Good luck with the race.

  • Thank you and thank you xx

    Nucky's face was a bit blurred, so I sharpened it up a little in Photoshop. The effect is quite creepy I think!

  • It sounds like everything is going well 😀 Go steady now, don't push too much before the event. You gave it in your sights now 🙂

  • Thank you xx

    I've drawn up a flat 16k route, and I'll not be pushing the pace for it, especially since the weather forecast this week is wind, wind, and more wind :D

  • It was taters out there yesterday afternoon when I walked the dog. Last night the wind had dropped so felt better. Windy weather is the pits but you will have to ease up in those conditions. You can only do so much. Slowing down might be a blessing 😀🏃‍♀️ These cold winds are playing havoc with my complexion. Dry skin! Sigh

  • I feel your pain! I have just finished plastering my face with various creams, sigh.

    Still, at least with windy weather some of the time we get blown along :)

  • Better weather today. Been out with the dogs this morning and I got quite toasty. We beat the rain ☔️

  • I know what you mean, my longest run was 16.5, but I did 30 miles over 3 days with that so I feel I'm ready. I love your bike and the beast!! Very smart.... I hope the rest of your training goes well....

  • Thank you :)

  • Also, glad to hear you're feeling ready - your marathon looks so fun!

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