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Can I blame my new shoes??

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Did just short of 10 miles last week in my old shoes and whilst the last few minutes were a struggle with a few twinges here and there I've had 2 full rest days and felt fine. I've been out this morning in my new runners and after 5 miles my knee was really painful. So painful in fact it caused me to pull up and hobble back. Are my new shoes the cause???.

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I had a similar issue the first time I started C25K. I ended up taking the shoes back. I had 6 weeks off to rest the knee and to do strength exercises to build up areas which were weak (identified by a physio). I bought new shoes (different, but again a stability shoe as everyone agrees I pronate) and started again. 18 months on, no repeat of the problem although it occasionally niggles slightly.

Was it the shoes? who knows! It might well have been, but I suspect not to be honest. I think I probably twisted or tweaked it, or maybe it just wasn't strong enough without the 6 weeks of exercises.

Can you go back to your old shoes once it settles (do give it time to get better)? then try again?

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Think of it this way. If you are used to running on a slightly slanted surface, a flat one will throw you and vice versa.

First thing I do with new shoes of any kind is see how "level" the soles are. A degree or two of in one or - even worse - in opposite directions to each other and I see trouble.

A very slight variation will wear down with use - but running is too high impact to take too many liberties.

A "real" and well established Running shoe shop is a must for me nowadays :) They know the business far better than a casual clerk I'm a shoe store :)

Hope this helps and best wishes :)

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Pete1w in reply to Irish-John

Thanks for the advice. I took a punt with my previous shoes and bought online (saucony breakthru 3) which are great. I stuck with the same brand but couldn't get breakthru so bought jazz 20 which caused the issues. Maybe they just need a breaking in period, maybe I ran too far, maybe the surface was too uneven. Who knows. Maybe it's an excuse to treat myself to some kinvara 9's 😂😂😂😊😊

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Irish-JohnMarathon in reply to Pete1w

Onwards and upwards :)

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