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Can I blame my new shoes??

Did just short of 10 miles last week in my old shoes and whilst the last few minutes were a struggle with a few twinges here and there I've had 2 full rest days and felt fine. I've been out this morning in my new runners and after 5 miles my knee was really painful. So painful in fact it caused me to pull up and hobble back. Are my new shoes the cause???.

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I had a similar issue the first time I started C25K. I ended up taking the shoes back. I had 6 weeks off to rest the knee and to do strength exercises to build up areas which were weak (identified by a physio). I bought new shoes (different, but again a stability shoe as everyone agrees I pronate) and started again. 18 months on, no repeat of the problem although it occasionally niggles slightly.

Was it the shoes? who knows! It might well have been, but I suspect not to be honest. I think I probably twisted or tweaked it, or maybe it just wasn't strong enough without the 6 weeks of exercises.

Can you go back to your old shoes once it settles (do give it time to get better)? then try again?


Think of it this way. If you are used to running on a slightly slanted surface, a flat one will throw you and vice versa.

First thing I do with new shoes of any kind is see how "level" the soles are. A degree or two of in one or - even worse - in opposite directions to each other and I see trouble.

A very slight variation will wear down with use - but running is too high impact to take too many liberties.

A "real" and well established Running shoe shop is a must for me nowadays :) They know the business far better than a casual clerk I'm a shoe store :)

Hope this helps and best wishes :)


Thanks for the advice. I took a punt with my previous shoes and bought online (saucony breakthru 3) which are great. I stuck with the same brand but couldn't get breakthru so bought jazz 20 which caused the issues. Maybe they just need a breaking in period, maybe I ran too far, maybe the surface was too uneven. Who knows. Maybe it's an excuse to treat myself to some kinvara 9's πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

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Onwards and upwards :)


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