New shoes!

New shoes!

I have treated myself today to a lovely new pair of shoes. My trusty Adidas that I trained for and ran the marathon in were feeling just a bit past it. But because they are such an old make now they cannot be replaced. So I went to a great shop - Up and Running in Sheen (south west London) and a very helpful assistant listened carefully, and brought out 3 different pairs to try. These were the best. Cannot wait to try them out properly! Feels extravagant but hey.. Don't want to injure myself wearing old shoes. ( that's my excuse anyway!)

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  • Very nice - love the colours!

  • Gorgeous ! Love the colours :-) xxx

  • Lovely colours - really like them.

  • I really like the colours too ancientrunner poppypug dagshar which is lucky, because you don't get much choice when buying running shoes! If they fit that's what you get!

  • Congratulation! Good shoes are a must when you run. Running in old shoes gave me shin splints right before a race several years ago, so now I always make sure my shoes are up for the job.

    I also like them to look nice too!

  • Oh yes I like those!

  • they are lovely, i love my Adidas trainers but i have a pair of brooks trail shoes as well which are pretty comfy too. I think i ever did change it be to brooks. I have heard good things about up and running.

  • not an extravagance, an absolute must to prevent injury which could cost you thousands.... gorgeous pair, I hope they serve you well :)

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