getting new shoes

getting new shoes

I went running the other day with my trail shoes and they started to rub the inside of my feet. So I don't really want to run in them at BeachyHead Marathon next week.

So the question is do just run with my road shoes or do I go for new trail shoes and try and bed them for the short time I have left (don't wear anything new on race day!)

I do quite like my road shoes don't really want them ruined!

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  • I know they say never do anything new on race day, but with a week to go you will probably have sufficient time to see if the new trail shoes are ok. I say go for it!

  • Yep maybe your right.

  • Bed in some new trail shoes, but if the going is dry next weekend your road shoes could still be ok to go. I only remember a couple of short sections where the terrain was really rough. I was wearing hybrid shoes last year.

  • Yes, i am looking at Hybrid's not full on trail shoes.

  • what hybrids have you got?

  • They are New Balance, I've had them for a while. Actually I have always found that my New Balances don't really need much breaking in, although as I've only ever had New Balance I can't compare them with anything else :)

  • My first running shoes where NewBalance, i tried to look for new balance hybrids couldnt find any.


    These are the mens' version of the ones I have. I like them, they're very light and have wide toe-boxes, they are a bit rigid around the ankle for my liking, but ok with the right socks

  • nb they're not showing up as hybrid shoes, but they do claim to be "all terrain", and I don't have a problem with them on roads...

  • thank you! they dont do my size of 11.5 or 12's :(

  • Oh poo! Well, maybe you wouldn't have liked em anyway...

  • these seem tempting -

  • Nice colour, nice price!

    Have you seen the RunRepeat site? Rather good for reviews, although they haven't spotted your deal on those shoes :)

  • Yea i always look at the runrepeat website it's pretty good for reviews pretty rubbish for prices, i always seems to find cheaper elsewhere.

  • I love this website. It’s entirely to blame for my ridiculous trainer collection. Have been looking for trail shoes too so will check out the ladies’ version - thanks!

  • I don't know if any of you listen to the "Running Commentary" podcast. During my run today I heard Paul say how he likes to break in new shoes during a race - just a fresh pair of the same kind he has been running in. I'd say, go for it, but stick with the same shoes.

  • thank you, I can see if it is the same model but I didn't really like my last trail shoes so need to change!

  • Oh blimey, I wouldn't wear a new brand.i lost 2 nails at the Exmoor marathon because I wore new thick socks. Don't do anything out of the ordinary. Do your trail shoes normally rub or could it be socks related?

  • .... or is it taper paranoia?

  • no it's not sock related I wear them socks all the time. it's the shoes!

    roseabi me paranoid no never!

    I have a new pair of shoes coming I will see how much i can wear them in between now and then and make a choice.

  • Good luck tomorrow! What did you decide in the end about your shoes??

  • I have brought some hybrid ones and been trying to wear them in all week. Looking at the pictures on Facebook from the organisers it looks muddy!

  • Hope they behave for you.

    I haven’t got as far as checking out pictures - had a really busy day and still need to feed my grandson and then take him home.

    I have packed both my Inov-8s and my Fellraisers though. Along with my waterproof because last year’s(?) looked really foggy.

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