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Pesky virus

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BeccymHalf Marathon

I have had a bout of tonsilitas this week and have hardly eaten for days.

It now seems to have gone but I went out last night for a couple hours last night alcohol free but it wiped me out. Marathon training with my club tomorrow and not sure whether to go. 10k only and I have 10 miles cross country in a fortnight not at all ready.

To run or not to run

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I would say don’t run; it sounds like you need a few days off to allow yourself to recover properly. You won’t loose any significant fitness even if you take a full week off, but running while you’re still wiped out after being ill will slow down your recovery.

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If you're doubting whether to run or not, that probably means you shouldn't! we often don't realise how wiped we are after a bug, so you may well be in worse shape than you realise. Rest, recover, be kind to yourself. You can pick it up again much easier when you are better than if you try to struggle through now. Take care and feel better soon :)

Going alcohol free would wipe me out too.

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roseabiPartner in reply to SlowLoris


Is that Richard Baker?

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SlowLoris in reply to roseabi

All my avatars have been a little token of respect to the recently departed. Except for the Loris who is merely endangered, not extinct.

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LordiMarathon in reply to SlowLoris

He was the main BBC Nine O'clock News anchor during my early youth! The voice of Mary Mungo and Midge too. Lovely voice...

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I wouldn't have gone. Having had a fair few bouts of tonsillitis over the years I'd say at least a week of recovery after the symptoms have gone would be needed! Speaking more generally, I think the post-viral stage is a delicate one and you should go carefully.

What did you do in the end?

Lots of Ben and Jerry's is the answer.

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BeccymHalf Marathon in reply to SlowLoris

Missed it - lots of sleeping

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