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The Rother Valley (er, hills) 10k

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WhatsappHalf Marathon

Yesterday was my third 10k run of the year. It has been a learning curve each time and after the blazing heat of the last one, I was happy that I would be running in a more temperate climate.

Unlike my last run though, my training had been interrupted with 3 weeks on the IC with heel pain. So although I knew I could do the distance, I also wasn't expecting a great time.

The run itself is new - this being its second year - and relatively small (248 entrants last year). It is set in the Rother district, which is in the heart of rural East Sussex. The challenge then is to get from Northiam to Bodium. For the spectators there is the option of either a steam train or river boat ride between the start and finish, to ensure you can cheer your runner at both send-off and in good time for their triumph.

A nice touch then, and which the finish line being in the grounds of the beautiful Bodium castle I felt this would be a great run.

However, what I didn't factor in was the amount of hills between the two. They were long and relentless. And when I wasn't fighting up a hill I was steaming uncontrollably down the other side. Overall this make for a reasonable time of under an hour for me, but there was never a chance at all to get any rhythm. Also being run on open roads - albeit country lanes where two cars constituted rush hour - we were not allowed to listen to music. Just my (and everyone else's) laboured breathing for a soundtrack then.

A hard race then, and a choice for me to either incorporate more hills into my training, or be more careful in my run selection in future and to read the small print, rather than getting seduced by the pretty castle.

For those who like to:

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TbaeMetric Marathon

Well done Dave, and good running on hills.👏👏

Lovely interesting read, thank you.

Laboured breathing sound track.

Love it.💥👏👏💥🏃‍♂️💥🔥

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WhatsappHalf Marathon in reply to Tbae

A fair bit of walking on the hils too!

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TbaeMetric Marathon in reply to Whatsapp

Hey there is hope for me yet.


And under the hour too.👏👏👍

That’s what I must be doing wrong.🤔🙈😂😂


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WhatsappHalf Marathon in reply to Tbae

Haha, it also helped that I went quite fast on the downhill bits too!

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TbaeMetric Marathon in reply to Whatsapp

Yep I just 🙈 knew there was a catch somewhere.

Ah well, honest endeavour called for.

I think about you sometimes when I am sucking up that oxygen from the ground and into my mouth and back into my boots.

Starting to get a lovely smooth calm harmony going now also with 1234 footfall and 1234 abdominal breathing through my nose.

Like to think about all this breathing stuff as gears to match different terrains and exertions.🤔

Take care of you and well done.

Keep bringing it.


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SqkrHalf Marathon

Oo that sounds rather good to me 😄 though mostly as a spectator! I do love the East Sussex countryside.

More hills! Always go with the more hills option. Legs that can take hills are even better on the flat, so it's win win for training!

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WhatsappHalf Marathon in reply to Sqkr

Yes the good people of Hastings and surrounding area, whom mostly made up the runners at the event, are by necessity (if you know Hastings) like Mountain goats.

The reason why I don't run hills, is the area directly where I live is flat; though we do have the downs and beachy head not too far away.

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Well done, this sounds like a tough race! And a great time too, considering the climbs! It is relatively close, so I may attempt it next year - if I can manage the hills...

PS: this relive thing is great!

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WhatsappHalf Marathon in reply to GeorgiosA

If I can get some hill practice in, I might just be back myself!

Congratulations Whatsapp, another fantastic are accumulating a serious bling collection there...Fabulous stuff.Fabulous You💪🏃😊xx

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WhatsappHalf Marathon

Thanks Jan. I must admit I do try to find out what the medal is like before I sign-up for a run!

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A great time on what sounds like a very challenging course. What a great race for spectators too. Riverboats, steam trains and a castle. What’s not to love?

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WhatsappHalf Marathon in reply to Decker

Great for spectators and a tough route for the runners. I'm not sure whether I want to chalk it up to experience or challenge myself to do it again next year!!

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aliboo70Half Marathon

That looks great !I do like a hilly run but they are always hard, well done with a excellent 10km time!😊

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WhatsappHalf Marathon in reply to aliboo70

Thank you. I was, I admit, quite down after the event, as I found it so tough. However, as you say it was a pretty good time, especially with all the hills.

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