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Leicester 10K


After a week of flu I'll take a sub 60 minute chip time, thank you very much!

The plan was to stick with the 60 minute pacer for as long as possible, than drag myself to the finish. But I lost him in the scrum at the start. The course is fairly twisty to begin with and you can't really see that far ahead. "Not to worry", thinks I, "I know what a 60 minute pace is, stick to that". I kind of did...

Just after 5k I spot a pacer flag about 300 yards ahead. Got to be the 60 minute guy, right? And it was. Getting to him was a bit tricky though; I wasn't really feeling my best. I caught him by 6k, but it took a lot out of me. By 8k I'd recovered a little, enough to think I'd be able to stick with him. As we turn into the park he's pushing me on and I found something, from somewhere, to pick the pace up for the last half mile or so to come in for a chip time of 59:43 (I suspect Mr 60 minutes was a little over the hour...).

Felt awful, but I'm chuffed with that, hard fought.

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Wow well done on smashing the 60! And that is a nice medal too


Chuffed you should be - well done!!!!

ancientrunnerHalf Marathon

Well done!!

SqkrHalf Marathon

That's a super medal! And a super run too 😄


Well done! You should feel even more satisfied after digging so deep - not easy. Nice bling too :D


That's awesome, well done! I have yet to get the sub 60 10k yet, my pb is 61min 😫

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