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Weigh yourself - before and after runs!


One lesson I learned some time ago after I tried to do a 24 klm longrun - and crashed and burned at 19k because of (I think) inadequate hydration is to weigh myself before and after runs ( and I mean IMMEDIATELY before and after , in the same clothes and shoes.) This needs to be done reasonably often especially for those doing long marathon training which spans seasons. Weight loss during a run is all liquid!!!!! You will be surprised how much you need during and after a run. 1 kg weight loss = 1 litre of water!!

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Just came back from an 8K run/walk - around an hour and lost 0.8 Kg while out there.


good point, lots of fluids required.

misswobbleMarathon in reply to ju-ju-

I know! I hardly ever carry water though🤷‍♀️ Bad habit I know 😬

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