Running the day before hm?

So, I have a hm this Sunday. I didn't taper much last week but have reduced my mileage to 15 miles this week. I couldn't make my mind up whether to run tomorrow (the day before the race) or not. After a bit of research I've decided to go for a 20 minute run tomorrow morning as apparently it helps rather than hinders but we will see! So I was just wondering if anyone else does a short run the day before a race or if you have found a complete rest better?

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  • When tapering properly I usually do my last run 2-3 days before the event. The last two tapers crashed completely because in February I was ill until a few days before the race and last week I just couldn't fit it in. For me personally the more or less week of rest was ok, because I have issues with my toes after a lot of long running, so not running for a few days helped my foot recover. I think as long as you make it a very gentle run, it will be absolutely fine. And good luck for Sunday!!

  • Thank you! I didn't really taper properly for my last hm in November. So fingers crossed for tomorrow. It is a hilly one though!!

  • I will cut down my running alot the week befoee and just do 1 5k but will do a couple of easy bike rides instead and one of those will be on the Saturday.

  • I walk the week before my HM's. With a little run earlier on in the week. I need to keep my joints moving otherwise my arthritis kicks in.

  • You should taper! 🙂

    Have a short jog to give your legs a spin. Round the block is far enough. It helps with nerves 🙂

  • I tapered before my HM and although it messed with my head (!) I ran a pb on the day and felt fresh as a daisy! I didn't run the day before although some do a very short gentle jog. Good luck with your race!☺

  • The taper has certainly messed with my head!!! I think I've benefitted from it though. I've done a 20 minute jog this morning and feel fresh for tomorrow.

  • After researching a bit online I went for a little jog (3k I think) the day before my marathon last year, just to loosen up my legs. It didn't do me any harm! For the marathon I'm doing tomorrow I had my last run yesterday, as dictated by the plan I've been using this time (it was supposed to be 5k, but ended up being just over 4). Whatever you do, it should just be short and gentle. Good luck with the half, and have fun! :)

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