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so im not very good at race reports so this will be short and sweet

i purposely didnt go to check out the route before hand on the Colchester half , it has a few hills ( they were hard !!) and i didnt want to be overwhelmed

we got there early and enjoyed the atmosphere , i started at the back with my daughter who had not done one bit of training for this race even though it was very important to me to run it with her ( bonding issues ) , started nice and slow as i always do , i usually run about a 14 ish minute mile but today i was feeling strong and was managing around 12 min miles , needless to say at about 3 miles in Daughter started struggling , legs hurting knees hurting , she dropped back to a walk and caught me up every now and then cos its always been the plan in my head that i wanted to run the whole thing ... and i bloody well did !!!

my daughter slowed right down at around mile 11 and told me to run on , i was a bit torn because i didnt want to leave her but i had my own race to run so i carried on , i got quite emotional at the 12 mile mark which was the furthest ive ever run and then managed to pull myself together and get n with the job in hand !!!

13.1 miles in ... 2;47;05 and im ecstatic !!!

i left any gremlins i had at home i was confident and strong in my belief i could do it , im a very different person now than i was when my c25k journey started , i have been very emotional since finishing and im now fully aching ... but very very happy !!

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SweatyfacedHalf Marathon

Brilliant!! Xxx

aliboo70Half Marathon

Fantastic! Congratulations! :)

Well done!

Well Done - you have been on such a journey and you should be so so proud of what you have achieved! You are fabulous!!! Xx

secksy34Marathon in reply to CallyL

thanks cally , wont be standing at the bottom of the hill this saturday lol havin a rest !



Well done. That sounds absolutely brilliant 👍😃💪🏃‍♀️

Blinged up senseless here this weekend 😁

I think many of us are very different people that we were at week one 🙂

Rest up now for a bit 🙂

secksy34Marathon in reply to misswobble

rest if defo on the cards lol

well done on your run too

its an amazing feeling and i shall process for a few days i think


Amazing! Congratulations!! You look over the moon👍🏼

secksy34Marathon in reply to Decker

i most certainly am :D a year ago i couldnt run so im very proud ! :)

DeckerModerator in reply to secksy34

Me too. Its really something isn’t it?

secksy34Marathon in reply to Decker

certainly is but i guess as a big butch fella you havent been bursting into totes emosh tears lol x !!!

DeckerModerator in reply to secksy34

On the inside maybe a bit 😊

SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon

Yes!!! And ecstatic you should be! Congrats on a great race!

secksy34Marathon in reply to SaskAlliecat

thankyou very much :)


Congratulations, what a fab hm.

secksy34Marathon in reply to Hidden

thanks the hills were challenging but the course was fab !

WhatsappHalf Marathon

Well done secksy34 take it easy on yourself for a week or two - you have earnt the rest!

secksy34Marathon in reply to Whatsapp

well i couldnt do anything today if i tried haha so am defo gonna give myself a little rest !!


This is wonderful!!!! Well done Secksy :)

secksy34Marathon in reply to roseabi

thankyou now where do i get my half marathon badge lol xx

roseabiAdministrator in reply to secksy34

How rude of me not to ask! There you go :)

secksy34Marathon in reply to roseabi

OMG i think i love that more than my medal .. well as much as my medal thanks :D now to go and rub my legs !! :P

roseabiAdministrator in reply to secksy34


misswobbleMarathon in reply to secksy34

I see it! Congratulations 👍

That's brilliant, well done! You have my total respect.

I'm not surprised you've been feeling emotional, a HM is an incredible achievement.

What next? ... a full marathon? ... you can do it! ... but give those legs a good rest first!

Happy running!

secksy34Marathon in reply to Wizziewood

already looking to book another half with a couple of lovely girls i met through running lol !!! oh god i think ive got the bug good !

AnniemurphHalf Marathon

Bloody well done! Fab achievement, lovely bling - oh, and look at your shiny badge!

secksy34Marathon in reply to Anniemurph

haha i know im spoiled with bling and badge :P x

Fantastic, congratulations, great run and great post

BabsiclesHalf Marathon


ancientrunnerHalf Marathon

Well done - I think being emotional is normal. It's a flipping long way to run.


What a great result. Congratulations!

Epic! And the race report was great, all the vital information in there 😉 But I have to ask, what was your daughter thinking rocking up having done no prep?!

secksy34Marathon in reply to Nictwit

cos she is young and apparently fit and did it last year in 2 hrs 15 she obvs thought she could smash it !!! she didnt and made me feel bad for doing so well :/ not my fault she couldnt be arsed !! lol x

Nictwit in reply to secksy34

Kids are scumbags sometimes 😂 Ignore her and bask in your amazingness here 😀

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