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New rules

So, after some pain in my foot which led me to rest up for a few days, I feel I’m finally back in action! I reckon it was overuse rather than anything else.

I’ve now given myself new rules (who knew this running lark would be so complicated?) to get me to my half marathon in June.....

1. 2 days rest after my long run

2. Do an easy run a couple of days before the long run

3. Listen more to my body!!!!!

4. Do more treadmill runs to make it easier on my feet

Managed a couple of 5ks over the past week, 7k tomorrow then a gentle short jog Saturday ahead of my first 10k race on Sunday!

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Looks good! I'd suggest adding some strength work to that plan :)

I'm glad to see you're back in action, good luck with the final race preparations - can I add you to our Events list?


Yeah, strength work being done!!!

Feel free to add, it’s the Central Health Derby 10k

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Marvellous! And done :)


Another one to add is the great northern 10k on 7th May (they do a half marathon as well but saving that til next year!)


Great that you're back on track! Those sound like good rules. Good luck for Saturday!

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