St. George's 10 mile road race 2017

St. George's 10 mile road race 2017

I've been really unlucky this season with my running. So yet again I have to report persevering against the odds. A couple of weeks ago, I started getting shooting abdominal pains, but carried on training as normal. It has passed now, And My GP has confirmed that it was a bacterial infection. Anyway, I arrived on IOW on Saturday, ready for Sunday's race, and promptly left my senses behind. I had fish and chips for dinner, forgetting that my tummy was still convalescing. So I woke up in the night feeling really ill.

I wasn't in the best shape to undertake a 10 mile race on a hot day. Things got off to a good start when I met Ali before the race started. It was good knowing that I could look forward to seeing her as a marshal later on.

The race overlooks beautiful Carisbrooke Castle, but I couldn't find it (again)! Possibly because I started flagging before we reached the first mile. I just had to admit to myself that my legs had no energy to run up hills. It was strange, it was as if they had been completely drained. So I ended up walking a lot, making the most of the situation and admiring the views.

A lady in front of me gave up halfway, but giving up was never an option - they had made such a fun medal, and I wanted it! So I ran down all the hills, and as often as I could on the flat parts. I definitely ran more during the second half.

All the volunteers were fantastic, and cheered enthusiastically. The same was true of the locals. There was even a lady with pompoms! The sponge station wasn't til mile 6, which was welcome but a bit late for me. I dumped it down my front, leading to a nice case of chafing on my chest!

And I finally got the chance to try jelly babies during the race. I also had a cola candy, which was sickening. The jelly babies were just right, so I'm going to have to bring lots home with me. Knowing that I was going to see Ali at the end was also a boost.

I ended up finishing 13 minutes more slowly than last time. Not too bad, considering all my walking. I got to see Ali again afterwards and talk to some of the other runners.

So although my performance wasn't great, it was another enjoyable race on IOW.

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  • Well done C3PO! That's a long way when you haven't been well - I think you did well to get round! Fantastic that you also got to meet up with our own lovely Ali (not running? Very unusual Ali!!) The medal of is very cute - I love dragons and that would definately have been an incentive for me! Hope you are now well rested and feeling back to your old self?πŸ™‚

  • They needed more marshals and as it's our club race( and also when I did it last year it was hot and I felt really shonky!) I was happy to help out!

    It's fun watching all the runners come through! The winner was 59 mind and it's a really hilly course!

  • It is nice to be on the other side' sometimes, isn't it? I really enjoyed watching my husband do his 10k a couple of weekends ago and clapping everyone home - and I know how much those claps and words of encouragement can mean!πŸ™‚

  • Well done C3PO, sounds like you did really well, I'm struggling with 10k in the heat! That's a lovely medal, and I bet it was nice to meet up with aliboo70 , And the terrain where she is , is not easy!


  • Goodness, well done for even staring when you'd been ill.

    Great pic of you and Ali.

  • Lovely report! :)

    Glad you had a good experience overall despite the night before, i thought you looked strong when you came through at mile 9! love the medal!

    It was nice to meet you and your family! will hope to see you at parkrun on Saturday at Appley.... Hope you don't get kept awake by the thunder and lightening, we have some here at the mo! :(

  • Ooh, well run '3PO, a triumph of will! And congratulations for finding Ali and Jelly Babies :)

  • That sounds like you were fighting against all odds and came out victorious. Sorry to hear that the universe conspired against you, but you managed to have an enjoyable day anyway, so well done! And the bling looks gorgeous!

  • You finished, go you!

  • Yay! Well done. It's amazing what we will endure for bling πŸ˜ƒ

    Good news about your meet up πŸ˜ƒπŸ…πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘βœ”οΈ

  • well done sounds like you had a hard time of it, but did well get a dragon!

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