Too old for this running lark

Too old for this running lark

I lost my running mojo a few weeks back, managed a nice 12.5km run before watching the London marathon but since then I've only been out a few times and nothing over 7km. Left Achilles hurts and has done for a year now, but is getting less painful now I'm doing heel drops on the stairs but my right soleus has started feeling like it's going to cramp. Grrr, I managed a fun run on Sunday but it was only 2 miles and really in my heart I feel I should have attempted the HM. Today I went out for a 7km run but managed 5km, I need to get a grip of this and maybe join a club.

I think since my daughter stopped doing the long Sunday runs with me has had an affect but she's getting married in a few weeks so I understand she's busy.

Somebody kick me up the a+£e! Moan over

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  • You have quite a list there!

    1. Too old?: No way :)

    2. Injuries: Heel dips are good, maybe try some new shoes with a slightly higher heel?

    3. No running buddy: Yes, join a club. Do you parkrun?

    4. Motivation: Sign up for a HM and get a plan, MyAsics is pretty good

    Off you go! :)

  • good advice,

    my shoes have done 600km so maybe time for a change, I've signed up for a couple of 10k's and the Great East HM and I follow MyAsics app which i find good. I marshal every week at a local 2 & 5k run which is where it all began after c25k, but i find the run itself boring now so tend to marshall instead. I've a 10k run on 26th May and a 10 mile run in June booked and I have thought of doing the local sweatshop run on tuesdays and thursdays so maybe that's the solution, surrounding myself with other invalids :)

  • Perfect! Have fun :)

  • FYI. The Sweatshop in Colchester and Ipswich is closing soon :-(

    There will be some bargains going at the shops (heartless I know - but its what they have said on Facebook)

    Not sure if that means Sweatshop RC will be stopping as well?

  • Eeeek goodness tip!!

    Do you mean the Sweatshop at David Lloyd in Ipswich is closing or is there another one I haven't found yet?

  • I believe it's the one at DL.

    The Colchester one is at the end of the high street

  • Cheers. I feel a visit to the Havens coming on :)

  • Heel dips are definitely the way to go! I've included them in my regular strength training. I can understand about your running mojo being gone - and I might even borrow the phrase. I feel like I'm in a bit of a slump myself. But I can't afford to stop, and I know things will look up at some point. If your 12.5K was just before the London Marathon, then you haven't been out of action for a long time. Don't beat yourself up about it! When do you do your Sunday runs? I find that doing them in the morning makes me feel really good about myself, and I get to gloat a little when I see other runners later on in the day. The distance doesn't really matter. It's just great to know that you've already been out there.

  • thanks C3PO i do my Sunday runs in the morning too for the same reason. I do love this site for positivity.

  • Get out there and enjoy your runs! Find new routes which will inpsire you. There are infinite possibilities! I am in a small running group but I really like running on my own as then I have my own schedule and can do what i like, no restrictions. Take some music and get lost in it.

    It should be fun! I hope you can re-find the love. Good luck!

  • Go and make another video for us - loved the last one! And not too old, that's an insult to many of us who are older😈

  • It happens to us all, I say take a break from it all. You're come back feeling refreshed and ready to go. It happend to me last year, I did some cycling and a bit of swimming and some weeks nothing at all. I did do parkrun each week but that's because my son still wanted to do it and I enjoyed the coffee afterwards so i saw that as more social than running.

    I have no idea what hill dips are!

  • Why not try a bit of Parkrun tourism. Have you done the Chantry Park, Kesgrave, Colchester and Bury St Edmunds Parkruns? Always good to try other routes.

  • Oh dear Paul. We do need to go out for that run don't we!

    Well done for keeping on trying though, the mojo will come back. This is meant to be fun so if you don't feel like it no-one is forcing you. I think you need to be kinder to yourself, any run is a good run imo :)

    Maybe get some physio advice for the leg issue? That might help then at least you won't have that to worry about

  • I'm looking forward to it! Just needed a push

  • Me too! Message me and we'll sort something out :)

  • I think we all have times when we don't run as much and the love goes a bit, particularly around injury etc.... the best thing you can do is to NOT Beat yourself up but go out when you are ready for a short and slow run somewhere nice, I always find that does the trick.... what a gorgeous pic too, lovely happy smile 😎

  • What's all this old lark, you look younger than me in that pic ( I'm 46)...

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