What are your running plans?

Just wondered what training plans everyone has for the weekend as the races are getting closer?

For me- its just a month away from my marathon now and I am planning a v long run on Sunday. I am really nervous but I will be doing it in Devon which makes it more exciting and I am dowloading Pete tong and other radio programmes to listen to. Any other long run tips very welcome.

I did my 30,20,10 intervals this morning and I am really STIFF. I need to have an Epsom bath tonight :)

Whatever your plans are have a great weekend and I want to thank you all for all your contributions to our group, it really feels like we are a community now which is lovely ❤️‍


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  • A month away that's ages, isn't it please tell it's ages!

    My whole plan went our the window this week as had spend whole week away because of work. So got a quick 7k in today as my tempo run for week in my lunch hour.

    Then tomorrow parkrun and at some point ether Saturday afternoon or early Sunday or late Sunday I will go for a 12k as suggested by my plan. Then it will be a final 22mile long run over easter and then taper time.

    I did have a local half booked my but other half has to now work and my normal babysitter (parents) have gone to India! Any takers for babysitting?

    *feeling very nervous now and very aware of any little pain it's most worrying.

  • I know what you mean it's not long now!! How was the running, I hope it's refreshed you and your worries??!!

  • It was ok thanks went and watched the half today with the kids they enjoyed watching them and cheering them on. I was most jealous I wasn't out running!

  • Doing the 'Sunday' run today, as I am doing a big family lunch tomorrow for my Mum's 80th birthday! So- up early to do 2h 45min on the Thames path, Kew/ Kingston. I did a similar run last week, and although the path can be a bit stony, it's flat! I am also getting very nervous about every twinge in my knees, and every slightly sore throat. Also a bit worried that I am not covering the distance, but my very experienced friend says it's the time out there that matters in training not how far you go. I am trying to believe him!

  • How delightful. How did it go? I used to live in Kew many many years ago. I loved it and we had annual membership for the gardens. I wish I was running back then it would have been fab. I hope you had a great run??

  • Yes it was a good run thanks. Round about Richmond I noticed lots of people wearing running kit but not running - couldn't work out why until turned the corner to find I was in danger of joining the Run Richmond 10k, that was starting shortly! I was bit concerned that I would be in their way or they would be in my way, but actually it was fine, and kept me going at a reasonable pace. I also passed a Parkrun as I came in to Kingston. It was quite inspiring to think so many people - hundreds - were out running on a slightly drizzly, grey cold Saturday morning, when we could have had a lie in!

  • I totally admire you for what you have achieved. The thought of an extra long run would not fill me with joy! But a marathon. ..wow. This forum has been inspirational to me and really helped. Hampton Court HM tomorrow. My daughter told me not to run a 12 miler the week before, so I run 9 miles, did one more short run a few days ago and hopefully am now match fit. Will I do this again? When doing practice runs I have told myself never again. But tomorrow? Let's see. But best of luck with your training.

  • Your be great and the best of luck, it be great and your be signing up for marathon soon after.

    And please photo with the bling tommorow

  • Marathon? Ha ha! But thanks and yes, will post photos!

  • Yes we want a pic!!!

  • How exciting. I love it round there. We used to live in Kew and always went to my aunts for Sunday lunch in Hampton and walks in Bushy park, it's so gorgeous. So how did you get on? Sounds to me like you are doing brilliantly!!

  • It is lovely round there. And oh yes, we did it. Running with my daughter was lovely and we spurred each other on to times we were not expecting (about 2 hours 15 mins). We didn't stop running and actually sprinted at the end. Mind you I'm suffering for it now. Can't have a nice Epsom Salt bath - only a shower....but feelin' real good! Thank you for your wonderful encouragement.

  • Well done! Nice day for it too. And a great time! Have you signed up for the next one yet?! I can highly recommend the Ealing Half marathon.

  • There were a lot of logistics to be in Hampton Court on a Sunday morning. I think if I lose my mind and sign up for another one, it will be a little closer to home (south coast)!

  • I'm going to be dipping my toe into JJ's world of trail running.... Can't say I will emulate the one and only panther... more like an old moggy out for a stroll!!

    I plan to be taking part in a charity walk of 13k around a lake in Somerset BUT i'll be running the route.. well as much as I can!!

    Best of luck with your long run JJ I'm sure you will nail it!! Don't think we can offer you any long run tips.. we need your advice! :-)

  • Trail running is much more fun but slower.

  • Here here!!!

  • How did you get on? I bet you were panthering away brilliantly, not a moggy in sight here.... Post pics after we would love to see them?

  • Morning Ju!!!

    Happy running day to you too! I have been running too. The very last run of my plan, so I was happy to get that one done and dusted

    So, it's long run this Sunday. The different playlist is a good idea as your legs should benefit from running to the beat of a different drum as it were. Are you running on any new turf? That might be a good idea, although I appreciate it's hard just to pluck fresh long distance runs out of the air. You could run it in reverse though. I do that sometimes. I would bake myself a treat for half time as it gives me something to look forward to.

    You're not doing the entire distance are you? If it's only a month away you could be saving your legs a bit. I am now stocked up with E. Salts and I am shortly going to be dunking myself in it.

    Have a lovely run tomorrow Ju. Go steady duck and have a lovely time. I'll be thinking about you and just how far you've got to do. I only had 8 k to do which would be a luxury for you. Ha ha

  • How did you get on with the E salts?? I've had a dunk too. I did 21 miles, blimey it's flipping hilly round here. Not entirely new route but only done a long run once before on it. It suits me so I don't get lost!!! When is your race? I would love to add it on our events calendar so we can cheer you on??

  • As I did my HM last month and have nothing longer than 10k events scheduled until the autumn, I can take it a little easier at present. Last weekend's 10k felt awful, Thursday's 7.5k much nicer, so tomorrow I'll see what happens. Definitely going in the afternoon rather than morning though. I'll plan for 8 -10k....I am a bit bored with my routes at the moment, so am adding little loops to established routes and also doing some of the usual ones backwards (still running forward though :-) ). Having different hills (some are steeper, some are longer but less steep) to deal with will be useful for the Lakeland trail in April.

    I am also in the process of breaking in my Nimbus 17, so swapping between them and my oldest pair (must be around 550km now). The older ones still have life in them, but I want them for the 10k road event in Brum on 1 May, and also get used to the new ones on longer runs. I have another Nimbus 16 pair, but that lives at work!

  • New routes is a very good idea to quell the boredom!! I think we all have our optimum running time, mine is definately mornings!!

  • This afternoon was so much better than last week - lovely low heart rate :-). I will try the morning run again some time though when time in the afternoons is tight!

    Your run was very impressive - I feel like going for a lie down just looking at that distance :-)

  • A steady parkrun this morning followed by North London Half tomorrow. Was hoping for a PB but that looks very unlikely as I have had a horrible cold all week so will more than likely take it easy! Lots of people from my local parkrun are volunteering so am really looking forward to it.

  • Good luck at the Northlondon half... Do let us know how you get on??

  • Hey Juicy Ju, I did it and loved it! Really could not make my mind up whether I should go for it or take it easy so ended up doing a bit of both! I ended up with a time of 2.03.01 which is 3 minutes slower than last year but I haven't been well so it is a lot faster than I thought I would finish today.

    Wembley is only a couple of stops away on the tube from me so it was fantastic to see so many people from my running club and local parkrun volunteering. It really was an amazing boost.

    I hope your long run went well today... Only four weeks until Brighton, starting to seem real now!

  • Well done - great time! I would like to do that one sometime - couldn't this year because of a family do today. But it's not too far from me either.

  • Thank you:) I would recommend it, finishing in Wembley Stadium is a fantastic experience. Definitely worth doing if you get a chance.

  • How'd it go Juicy Ju? Good I hope and you're not too knackered. Let us know how it went!

  • Pretty knackered but it was good!!!

  • Hi, I did the 6 mile option for Sports Relief today, and it was great fun, such a great atmosphere. I'm building up to my first 10K in 2 weeks, the Bournemouth Bay Run, and eventually in October to the Royal Parks Half Marathon. I'm really enjoying finding fun events to build up my distance. Have a great weekend !!

  • Bournemouth bay run! That sounds like my cuppa tea that does. I'm the other end of the country though. Bah. I fancy the Boscome to Bournemouth Pier one, or is that the same thing?

    It's Sunday, 3rd July Juicy Ju! It's quite near me so I can park the car at my sister's and just jog up to the start. Ha ha, I say that so flippantly now, but last time I took a short cut through a housing estate and turned left instead of right. Nightmare! I only just made it to the start line.

    Glad you had a good run! I did do the long ES soak, complete with red hot cuppa tea and slice of home made cake. Bliss!

  • What is it called and I will add it on??

  • Brampton Brewery 10 mile.

  • Hi, congratulations on your long runs JJ, I I have been following your forum recently and am inspired by your posts with all the stats. I have been running a few half marathons over the past year and don't plan on a marathon but the more I run the more I know what dedication goes into running further distances and it is aspirational.

    From my experience I found it very hard to taper; I didn't really believe the running plan and felt frustrated not getting out there for a run. I did taper though and felt 'unwell' and 'exhausted' ached everywhere and thought I'd lost all the training by pretty much reducing it by half in the 2 weeks prior to my race(s). By eating the same and reducing my training I was naturally carb loading, (that felt horrible too)! Hydrated very well up to 3 to 4 litre a day...skin looked great by the way and quite good for the digestive system too😊

    Come race day I was amazed to realise how refreshed I felt after a 3 month training programme and what felt like a horrible taper the 2 week leading up to it. Not really being one for plans I thought I would follow one this time and I believe because of restraining the running during the taper I had improved my recovery and strength after the long hard training.:

    So whatever you do I wish you all the very best of running and rest prior to your London marathon, ps I'll be looking into Epsom salts.

  • Great advice, Thankyou.... I'm rubbish at plans, but I have started to appreciate that rest and recovery is all part of it!!! The Epsom salts are amazing, they really do work.  Good tip about the fluids I will do that. Have you any planned races coming up and I will add them on our calendar 😎

  • I've entered Northampton half marathon on Sept 4th 2016. it's nearby and It was my first ever half marathon last year.- took me 2.30hrs which I was really happy with but especially because since going that distance I now think about time out on my feet rather than distance which helps me stay more relaxed. 

    Ps I tried my first Epsom salt bath and it really worked for me, the only problem is it said add 2 cups for a bath and the tub I bought was 500gms!

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