Ealing Half Marathon - a few days to go!

Ealing Half Marathon - a few days to go!

This is a belated post from Sunday's run. The last 'long' run, where I had a go at some of the hills that I will encounter on Sunday. It is always exciting to see the signs going up, it makes it feel very real. As I am running it with my son he is going to stay over the night before with his friend who is also running it, and we have been planning what to have for breakfast! ( pancakes and fruit! )

Will post a report once done. Anyone else here running the Ealing Half?

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  • Yes it's exciting isn't it! 😊 I was saying this the other day when our signs started going up. Yours is before mine. Not long to go now ☺

  • How exciting! Pancakes and fruit sound perfect.

  • I'm doing the Ealing Half for the second time this Sunday and I'm really excited. It's a really fun race - because the course is almost entirely on residential streets there's a great feeling of community as people are cheering you on from their front gardens.

  • Good luck ActonHighStreet ! Have a great time. It will be my 4th Ealing half - I had to miss last year's race as I was away. Yes - I agree - the atmosphere is great!

  • Good luck - hope you have a great day.

  • so exciting :)

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