My Asics programme - help please

Call for help here- I've been checking out the My Asics programmes, and they look brill, but I don't understand why when you click on "start", it gives you a starting date in two weeks' time, and why it then demands four weeks of doing absolutely nothing.

Not that I have decided to do anything silly like start training for a HM, of course. Ahem.

Is there any way you can alter the dates to start immediately? There's no way I 'm waiting that long.

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  • Did you input a race date?

  • yep. Maybe I'm too early (it's in June 2017) so they've decided to start me off later?

  • It's possible, I guess it's not great to peak too soon - maybe try another plan without a date and see what happens? I tried one the other day and it told me to start this Wednesday :) Finishes in March, though. There doesn't appear to be much in the way of help on the site (or at least I can't find it :))

  • Found it (not on the site!)

  • found the subject right here - apparently it's still the same as when this person brought it up four years ago...

  • Oh dear... well, it is free... maybe it doesn't sell as many shoes as they hoped :)

    Perhaps you could set yourself a mini-target and use their plan for that, then start an HM plan at the appointed time...

  • I was just trying to look up something on this forum and I find it has been "retired"!

  • I spent ages looking for an explanation on the site, too.Maybe I should drop down to a lower difficulty level and see if it lasts longer ( I picked the middle one of three. it is kind of reassuring to think that they could consider eight months to be more than I need though :)

  • Yes! You are selling yourself short :)

  • I think they have set number of weeks for what you want to run - and just pad out any weeks you want to do before that.

  • Yes, I was thinking about just 'playtime' running till it begins, but dropping down a difficulty notch could be an option too...

  • Do the mild plan. The other two are just too hard. Trust me ☺

  • Mild makes me feel like I'm not tough. Kind of mayonnaise rather than mustard, although I definitely don't think I'm up to being a wasabi warrior. Hmm. Is it really so tough? did you go for three runs a week? I put four on mine: am I being too ambitious, oh mamma Wobble?

  • Yes I did the easy/beginner one for my HM, it worked for me .

    it seemed to be just right, and it wasn't " easy " as such, it was challenging , but the other two options would've crocked me I think ! :-) xxx

  • Hmm, we have confirmation of mamma Wobble's diagnosis. I'm going to go back and give it another try with easy/beginner. By the way, folks, how do you run at over 8 mins a km? Did you all apply the "speed limits" on the programme, or just run the distances? (Mfam scratches head and sends Gary to the kitchen to grab another coffee).

  • Morning Jo

    I just tweaked it and did it at my own pace . Sometimes I was faster than the guideline pace and sometimes I was slower . I just concentrated on the distance

    The plan adjusts itself to the pace that you enter when you log your runs . :-) xxx

  • Uh.... you log your runs? How does that happen? There I was thinking that I just had to print it off, stick it on the fridge and stick a gold star on every time I finished... Looks like I'm going to need training in use of myasics before I even get running :(

  • Maybe that's what the four extra weeks are for - getting my technological proficiency badge :D

  • I did an intermediate 4 runs a week plan for a bit but the wheels soon came off my wagon, i had to drop back to 3 runs a week but the fast running did me in. You have to be realist or you will get injured before race day. I Base my plans now on the mild plan, 3 days a week. It's still difficult! They give you the finish time and pace for every session. You enter the pace in to the virtual pacer of your running gizmo. Download your run result into myasics when you get home and tick off the run on your race plan. They will email you with tweaks depending on how you perform. Bear in mind the training is long winded for a marathon so the last thing you need is to slash and burn early on. I do try and run the pace suggested,,so as to try and achieve the projected finish time, but not being Wonder Woman it's not always possible. If you follow the plan properly the projected time should be very accurate

    It is fun by the way, and having the detailed plan does make life simpler,,and importantly you don't run more than you need to.

    I have downloaded a 10k race plan now and run my first session today. I also have downloaded a marathon plan to look at. You can't do two plans at once. Myasics won't let you ☺

    Punching your stats into myasics is part of the fun. Even I like,it and I am a dud at numbers 😊

  • Thanks for the run-down - do you download your Garmin stats to the MyAsics site? I'll review my ambitions and come down to simple and three runs per week rather than two. It increases the time I imagine, but hey ho, let's not be too greedy mfam... biting off more than I can chew could be dangerous and a red flag for our friend Gary, who is waiting in the wings with his best collection of reasons not to do this.

  • I will take a pic of my completed myasics paper plan to show you 😊

  • Thank you, sweetie!

  • Yes you do Mfam! Either manually or by their downloader, which doesn't work too well for me. My PC is old same as me!

    It's interactive! It changes your plan before your very eyes, ticking off the run and coming up with some stats, a bar graph thingy and you might get a smiley face if you're good.

  • I log my runs manually , I get the details from my Garmin, and just enter them in from there onto my Asics plan .

    Once you start using it Jo, it will all become clear, I was very confused by it at the start but then again I am a complete doughnut with anything remotely technical, and I managed to do it , or get your kids to do it, theyre always handy to have at times like these ! :-)

  • I love doughnuts. Coincidence? I think not. :D I've had a sneaky peek, and I think I've got the idea now. It still doesn't want me to start the programme before 1st November, so it's playtime till then.

  • Glad you asked Mfam cause I had the same question re start date.

    I have a 10 mile run in April so will load up a plan for that and see what it comes up with then can look at HM after that as mine is July.

    I used the myasics for ny 10ks. Got bored & disalusioned with it at one stage when my mojo buggered off for a jolly somewhere without me. But must admit. It seems to work!

    Good luck with the training xxx

  • I reckon it's a time thing - the programmes don't seem to stretch over too long a distance. I'm a bit nonplussed by the speed instructions on some of the runs, which look so incredibly slow that they are between an walk and a run. What's all that about? What's your 10 miler? I'm having a look at a ten miler just before Christmas, but it's lots of mud and wading through water. Decisions, decisions.

  • Mine is round Edinburgh which will be at least scenic..... I've signed up for (drum roll please)

    😊 5k January. Edinburgh

    😮 10 mile April. Edinburgh

    😲HM July. Dundee

    😲 HM Oct. Glasgow

    So all the exotic spots I can find!!

    Ooooo mud & water. I like the thought but maybe not in Jan!


  • The Edinburgh 10 miler looks fab - there's a killer hill on it :) Two HMs? GO you!!! I love Dundee, it was one of my favourite towns when we lived in St Andrews.

    I think I'm going to do Myasics in two plans - first a 10 mile plan until the end of the year, then a HM plan until June.

  • Sounds sensible. I think I may just puddle about until the end of the year then get right back on it in Jan.

    Yep killer hill indeed. I struggle to walk it never mind run the dang thing!!!

  • I've never used them but that is so annoying!!!!

  • Still can't suss it out - whatever the plan, it gives me rest before. I'm running my own thing till the first run (5k) on Wednesday.

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