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I did the c25k three years ago and have been doing about 6-10 miles a week on and off since, sometimes more off than on! So far I've used various phone apps - which start out great and then stop working effectively so it's time to move on, especially since I've accepted a BIG challenge ... the Chester marathon in October! So that's just over 6 months to get match fit. I've got a plan but need some reliable way of tracking my progress. I'm thinking of an entry level Garmin but interested in what others would recommend please.

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  • We have loads of threads on this so do browse 😀

    I love my Garmin f10 , now cheap as chips. It goes a bit wonky sometimes and gives a spurious reading but usually it's obvious. I think mine has gone funny twice, e.g. Got a wrong GPS reading

    I have the pink one 🙂

  • Garmins are the standard go to watch, depends what kind of features you want.

    But there are others like tomtom watches that are quite popular and better priced than the garmins or there are some great second-hand bargains in a facebook selling group called Running Gear Buy and sell.

    I personally use an Epson watch that I found dirt cheap on ebay.

    For reviews of nearly ever watch ever going go to

  • Great tips, thank you. It's going to take more than a watch but hey!

  • Yep it unforantly doesnt do the hardwork for you and you still have to find a way of putting one foot in front of the other.

  • Definitely get a running watch - the stats are so useful to fine tune your training. I have a Forerunner 10 like MissWobble but am desperate to upgrade to a Fr235 with its heart rate monitor and cadence information. It definitely won't be the end of the world if I don't though, the Fr10 is great.

  • I heartily recommend the FR235. Mine's been really great.

  • I've heard nothing but good about the Fr235

  • I started with a forerunner 10 which was perfect for me.... and you can do this, I graduated from C25k in the April and ran my first HM in the October.... it's all doable , keep us posted on your progress 😎

  • Thanks Ju-ju. I'm gonna need a lot of determination and encouragement to fit the training in. 53, hormonal with primary school child so free agent I'm not but here goes 😊

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