Pru100, not exactly a marathon

Pru100, not exactly a marathon

Hi all, just an update. I joined the community as I was training for a half marathon, but injured my knee along the way. It felt as though it would just never heal so I've laid off the running for a while.

Instead, I decided to push myself cycling. So, I've been training with some colleagues and on Sunday completed the Prudential London-Surrey 100 mile cycle. It was pretty grueling. I was surprised that I felt elated, but also even a bit emotional completing it.

I was hoping to finish in 6 hours and came in at 5.37+ so was pleased with that

I haven't given up on running and this isn't exactly a marathon, but I thought I'd share my progress.

Hope you're all well, in every sense of the word.

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  • Brilliant ! Well done Joel , that is a fantastic achievement !

    Hope the knee is better soon , take care :-) xxx

  • Thanks so much Poppypug!

  • Wow huge well done to you that is really amazing!! I bet you are over the moon with your time too? Cycling is great in combo with running. My son has started doing duathlons and its perfect for him! I hope your knew continues to recover and you get running again soon, but in the meantime enjoy the ride :)

  • Thanks, JJ!

  • Oh well done thats, great I would love to do that ride maybe next year i have heard its pretty hilly. But have only just got myself a road bike so a bit of novice.

    Looks like you got a pretty nice bike there!

  • Thanks Benwill! Yeah the bike is new. I figured I'd need a proper one for trainings and the big cycle.

    You could definitely do it. There are three hills that are nasty, but training makes it possible. I cycle everyday but only a couple miles to and from the office, so for all intensive purposes I was a novice too. So, give it a try!

  • Oh well the bike is better then my new one yours look carbon, i got a Giant Defy1 disc, seems to go pretty fast to me well a lot faster then my mountain bike.

    Well i dont mind the odd hill we have a few around here best start going up and down them! I will enter the ballot that opens on the 8th for 2017 race. I did ride to work everyday on my mountain bike but then they decided to shut the office and move us to london :( so now i work at home mostly. But one day i will ride the 60km's to london.

  • It is nice isnt it... my son recently got a Bianchi carbon bike from Ebay and it really is incredible as its so light!

  • Oh I bet he's loving it!

  • Hey, that sounds great!

  • Well done - that is some achievement! Enjoy the cycling and hopefully you may be back in your running shoes before too long too.

  • Thanks! I'm planning on doing a very short run soon to see how it feels.

  • Well done Joel ☺ Knees are funny beggars! Cycling makes my knees ache more than running! We're never sorted are we 😊

    I hope you can get back to running but meanwhile happy cycling ☺

  • Knees are funny! The two guys I cycle with both have sore knees from cycling in the race on Sunday. Thanks for the well-wishes. Hope to be 'on my feet' again soon...

  • Fantastic achievement! Congratulations. I don't think my bike could take me on a such a long run!

    Mostly I just ride locally, short rides up to 30 minutes!

  • Those are great for cruising.

  • What an achievement! I love the picture. Congratulations!

  • Awe, thanks!

  • Well done there. I entered the ballot for this both last year and this year but wasn't successful.

    For anyone interested in doing this next year, the ballot goes livve on Monday morning (8th August). The date is scheduled as 30th July 2017.

  • I also didn't get in, but if you race for charity then you can get in much later. It means you need to raise money for the charity, but that's a good thing, I suppose.

  • A confession: I did the Ride London too. I did it on my Brompton because I thought it would be easier to get around London before and after. I did complete in around 8 and a half hours( my excuse is that we had a lot of traffic jams).

    So, I would say, with a little training most cyclists who cycle to work every day (I do 15 minutes) and using a _road_ bike, the Ride London is accessible.

    Next mad challenge: our local half-marathon in 7 weeks time. I'm operating on the assumption that it's better to be fit and fat than the other way round.

  • Amazing. Well done. I imagine it was harder on the brompton! I started pretty early so didn't get stuck in the traffic jam (poor guy that crashed. Sounded awful.), but two of my friends did and it sounded like it took forever to get going again.

  • good

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