These Are a good deal if you run off road

I use the Viewranger app for mywalks and they are doing a fantastic deal of all the national parks OS maps for £10. Plus 3.00 for it in a cd then £1.74 for delivery. So all those maps on CD for £14.74. I couldn't resist, hopefully when MrRfc feels better we will get into our hiking again. You don't have to use the app to make use of the CD. I dont know how long the offer will last but I'll put it up on the walking and Marathon forums as well.

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  • I subscribe to the OS Maps online service, but this sounds like a great deal! And having the maps on ViewRanger is very very convenient when being out and about.

  • Between you and me I'm hoping to get MrRfc a gps garmin hiking thing later this year for his birthday so I've got the cd in anticipation of him being well enough to start hiking again, you never know when these deals come up, but I think at that price you can't go wrong. I didn't know you could subscribe, I'll look at that thanks.

  • My daughter ran a Parkrun yesterday RFC, four months since her transplant, finished in 36 mins........

    The hiking will be back for sure😃

  • That is amazing.

  • I was in dire need of a footpath map last weekend. So frustrating that the signage on the ground was so poor to direct us overland to our destination. Bah!

  • I remember when we were walking loops a couple of years ago some of the signs had been turned round which didn't help anyone, still not sure if it was malicious as there were about four of them facing the wrong way.

  • viewranger is an excellent application I have brought all the OS maps in my local area so i don't get lost when i am running off road as i always have my phone with me. I saw the £10 deal and thought it was pretty good shame i don't live anywhere near a national park..

  • Wow thanks for sharing that looks amazing!!

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