Roll call- what are your running or race plans this weekend?

Hi all,

It's been a chilly week here and I've enjoyed wrapping up warm and getting out to brace the icy paths!!!

I'm planning on going on my trail- I had to pull out of the marathon today as I need to be on very top form at work next week. I'm upset but I know it was right to do.

Tell us your plans as we would love to hear them,

Happy running



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  • Only a parkrun for me this weekend. I usually also do a Sunday run with my running club - but this Sunday we are having our annual Christmas street breakfast BBQ. Might be able to get a bit of a run in later in the day - but at 30C with a belly full of bacon and eggs, probably not!! :)

  • I am so jealous that sounds fantastic... enjoy it Bazza !! 😎

  • Oh Ju I'm so sorry to hear you had to pull out! 😯 You must be well miffed😕

    Work puts such a crimp on things 😊

    I have a training run planned. Just waiting for my porridge to go down and i'll be off on the trail ☺ just under 10k is called for today

  • Thankyou... and enjoy your run too 😎

  • Oh so disappointing for you ju-ju- That's no small sacrifice to have to make. I hope next week goes well for you.

    I'm hoping to do a 5k for the Runkeeper Global 5k this weekend. I'm juggling some other commitments I need to keep enough energy for. And carrying a UTI which is proving a bit of a drag.

  • Ouch... a UTI is rubbish... and enjoy your 5k xx

  • Wot???? You had to pull out of the marathon in order to be on top form for work next week. As in the marathon you've been looking forward to for months? That sux big time Ju Ju. I hope I misunderstood, but if I didn't then I'm gutted for you.

    As for my plans.... Got up at 7 to have tine to digest breakfast before gong out on a 10 miler. Been procrastinating on the couch for the last hour with the puppy dog on my lap. It's very relaxing. Hopefully I manage to drag myself out soon.

  • Excellent, I hope you are out there now! I'm going out on my trail at about 10.45 when husband back from shops ( young children in house). Yes I am gutted, but I knew after I did the Paris marathon and went back to work the next day to start my new service it v nearly killed me. I vowed never to do that again. So the reason I have pulled out is that I had a call from CQC in the midst of a drama at work and they are coming on the 7th to inspect my services. I knew I needed to be at work early on Monday and the rest on full top form for them as I will be the lead manager for the whole thing. I've spent a lot of time getting everyone ready too. I realised I couldn't do both things... a v hard decision but it is the right one. I'm going to keep my eye out for more......

  • Sorry to hear that ju ju ,you've put in a lot of training😕 I guess it will all stand you in good stead for your next event...

    I've been to parkrun earlier and got new 1 mile PB so feeling happy with that!😆

  • Hey thats fantastic, well done you!!

  • Tough as it is - definitely the right decision. Good luck!

  • Thankyou...

  • I have a dog on my lap too Tomas 😊 Mine's a pug ☺ He will be staying in the warm when I head out

  • I love pugs. Mine's a 5 month old Cavalier. Next year he might come on short runs, but for now he sticks to long walks by the canal. And long naps on my lap :)

  • Oh no, that's such a disappointment for you. I hope they appreciate you at your work! You go pound that trail!

    I've just got some noo shoos, going out for a little hop in a bit...

  • Oh I hope they were fab???

  • Yes, I love them, I knocked quite a bit off my usual time. My Mizunos are really clumpy, like running with breeze blocks on my feet.

  • OOoh have you. have we seen em? ☺

  • Yes! Pics are up!

  • Right, I will go and have a looky look :)

  • You give em all you got next week Ju, I'm sure they are going to be impressed. Sorry about the marathon, sometimes we just have to be gown up, dosent mean we enjoy it though😩, I miss my events sooo much.

    This weekend is an easy week nursing my aching back and 2 catering events tonight and Wednesday so late nights and tired next days, I'm thinking about dropping down to 2km speed runs for a couple of days at least I will feel like I've done something positive but not too much.

    Good luck Ju.

  • Thanks RFC ... and goodness that was a very busy weekend!!

  • Oh ju-ju, the CQC deserve a slap, I appreciate how much work that is, shame on them for not sorting their diary out a bit better! Hope you're not too disappointed, and hope the effort and the well deserved high rating you will get will make up for it. 🤗

    I have volunteered and ran at parkrun today - first run of my HM plan and recovery run after last weekends 10 miler. Rest now, cross training Monday, then next run Weds.

    Enjoy that trail....


  • Thankyou Madge... the trees gave me a virtual hug....

  • Oh Ju ! Ive just seen this !

    I am so sorry you have had to pull out, but you know your body best . Tis a shame though.

    I really hope all goes well on the 7th with the inspection , and all the hard work and commitment you've put into it reaps dividends .

    Plus youre marathon ready - Bonus !

    Happy Running everybody , have a great weekend :-) xxx

  • Thankyou.... and yes thats true!!!

  • 10k done this morning - only 57km left to do in 28 days to reach 1000km target for 2016

    :-) Hope all goes well at work this week.

  • Is it the Under Armour challenge? I've been doing that too - met my goal not too long ago.

  • No, I just set my own goal on Garmin Connect :-)

  • woo hoo... on track :)

  • Oh JJ that is so so disappointing for you. But the training you have put in won't be wasted at all, and there is always another race (or 2 or 3..!)

    I hope it goes well at work for you. Enjoy your trail. I am hoping to do about 12 km tomorrow, maybe along the Thames at Kew.. Depends what time I get up!

  • Lovely place to run there....

  • I'm also sorry to hear you had to pull out, but agree that sometimes we have to be smart about these things. I've got the Regents Park 10K tomorrow, but I haven't had time to run since last Sunday - work has far been too busy for my liking. I'm hoping the nice meals I've had in London these last couple of days will give me a little boost.

  • I hope it went well??

  • Went for a solo 10k run at Zone 4 pace. Temp in Phoenix Park was 3C and the wind not too chilly 14.5Km/h E wind. Enjoyed it

  • well done that sounds great!!

  • Aw, poo, poor you. I hope you had a great trail run nevertheless. I went for a no-stress, "run as far as I feel like running" run today. Six and a half K, jumping over puddles and grinning gormlessly to myself. Glad my nose didn't run as I ended up having to give my emergency tissue to a crying teen on my way back to the village. Poor little mite.

  • You'd have been fine mfam, that's what running gloves and running top sleeves are for.......😉 (For your use, not the teen....)


  • She was lucky I was at the end of my run, or she could have had the choice between her sleeve or mine... :D

  • Oh no.... poor teen that sounds grim :( and I always have a runny nose, I blow mine on my buff!!!

  • It was so sad - bawling her eyes out walking along under the Crimbo decorations. Boyfriend bother. I told her to tell her boyfriend to bugger off when he decided to come and apologise, then do something more fun with her time than waiting around for someone who makes her cry cos you're only 17 once.

  • Sorry to hear about your marathon but think what is next and exciting things await around the corner.

    As for my weekend just parkrun a fairly slow parkrun but i was pushing my son in a pushchair, i really think he is getting to big and heavy now (nearly 2)

    But i do plan on a 10k sometime this week.

  • Hello, newbie to this forum and returner to running - can I join in please?

    I used to run a lot but had to give it up as family and other commitments took over. I've been dying to get back and have just started again, but as it's been so long since I last ran, I'm injury-prone and slightly (!) over 21, I'm being sensible and taking it very easy. I do HR running which suits me - long slow runs! I'm just getting out and getting miles under my feet with rest days in between, so nothing more than Tues/Thurs - 35mins approx, longer run on Sunday, build the base during December, then see about gradual increase in January.

  • I was going to do my 21st parkrun (home at Stratford again) but the strong winds and hurty shins have made me rethink my plans. So I am going to be a Timekeeper instead.

    I will be getting out at o'dark early on Sunday for a gentle 8k in order to complete one of the Running Heroes challenges though.

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