Roll call- what are your running or racing plans this weekend?

Hello everyone, I hope you've all had a great week?

I've had the inspectors in this week so it's been full on, but it's over now... hooray!!!!

I did a 10k on the roads this morning, then into the woods tomorrow...

What are your plans - do post pics etc as it's always great to see them...


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  • I hope you had a good inspection and you came up 100%!

    Just parkrun for me again ! but did my quickest time in ages 25min's 26 seconds will post a link when the picture comes.

    Also good news the 50 red parkrun tops are big in stock I'm my size it's only 12 runs ago now !

  • That's so good, and so fast well done you!!! Thankyou re the inspection, it went OK but I don't know our rating yet....

  • and my photo :

  • I am going out for 8k tomorrow with a friend from my running club. I am getting ready for my 10k New Years race.

  • You are doing so well, I hope you enjoy the 8k...

  • i'm here tomorrow morning:

    should be fun and its quite mild weather here! first bit might be rather muddy tho! :)

  • Exciting... good luck I hope it's fun!!

  • Wahay! It's so blummin mild innit! I was boiling again this evening as I took my legs for their final spin before tomorrow's race. It was pouring it down mind, and pitch black but so flippin warm. I've not checked the weather forecast. Don't think I will

    Good luck for tomorrow Ali!!!! You gonna get bling? I'm not! Pah! I think they must be rationing metal (or foil covered plastic) in my neck of the woods. Stingy beggars

  • So so hot, I was just in my vest yesterday and I was still hot!!!

  • Just an ordinary 9K for me today. I managed to get out while it was still dark, and reversed one of my usual routes, which made it more challenging - lots more uphill on the way back. My pace was an improvement on my usual "woollen undie" runs, so I was pleased.

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