New Poll- Christmas running

New Poll- Christmas running

Will you be running on Christmas day.... I will be :)

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  • Meeeee!!! Santa hat is ready but not the red bikini!!!! ;) :)

  • Ooh, red pants, great idea!

  • If I do, it won't be in that outfit!

  • Blimey, where did you find that picture! 😁, I'll be running Xmas eve, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day........but not Xmas day....and none of my runs feature outfits like that! (Maybe once I've got the washboard stomach, the bingo wings have disappeared and the rest that looks like it needs ironing has smoothed out a bit.....😂)


  • Love the picture!

    I'm spending my last annual leave day on the 23rd so that I can get the weekly "long run" done on the Friday. Saturday we're having guests for lunch so no long run there, and I'm not sure Her Ladyship would like to see me disappear for several hours on Christmas day.

    Most strenuous activity on Christmas day is likely to be the regular walks to the kitchen for more mince pies!

  • Quite likely! In Norway, the big meal and present exchange is on Xmas Eve. Don't think I'll be wearing a bikini, though, unless I wear one over my woollens.

  • Yes, Parkrun in Exeter - looking forward to starting the day with it.

  • I'm in!

  • I am hoping to get a run in on Christmas Day although it might not be too long, and it definitely won't be in a bikini!

  • Normal local parkrun for me on Christmas Eve , then maybe another parkrun on Christmas Day (a bit further away and we will also have visitors on that day - late risers though!!). Then I am tailrunner on New Years Eve and running back to back parkruns at two events on New Years day -- busy, busy

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