Beach running Love ❤️

Beach running Love ❤️

I have been at my mums in Cornwall for half term. She lives in Hayle by the most amazing beach so I get to run there everyday!! I am however a very slow and very happy runner. However I find it quite hard work in the soft sand!!!

I just wanted to ask if anyone has any top tips for running in the sand?

Here is a medley of pics so you get a sense of it.


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  • Can't help with running in the sand Juju, but lovely pictures! Lucky you🙂!

  • Thankyou...

  • Lucky you! I haven't mastered running in the sand either. It's really difficult!

  • I don't think there's an art to it, it's just hard? ☺ it looks warm there! So idyllic ☺

    I'm dead jealous 😊

  • I know I am so lucky that my mum lives there. The weather was v mild, I was just hot from running I think!!! Yes it is hard but so good to run on such an open space, it's amazing 😎

  • I agree. I think it's like hill running. It's not supposed to be easy, but it does help get you fitter!

  • I so love your new pic... I've been telling my mum all about your achievements and she is in awe 😎

  • Aw, Thank you Julia. Berlin seems a long time ago now . Just concentrating on faster 5ks for now. I WiLL get to sub 30 minutes one day!

  • Yes I think you will 😎

  • It is hard, but I'm sure my training is paying off as I definately found it easier this time 😎

  • Envious gnashing of teeth....

  • Sorry!!!

  • Gorgeous picture arrangement! I do love Hayle. I dunno, do you run where the sand is damp? That would make it firmer, I guess, which might help. I live in Brighton, and I don't tend to run on the beach there if I can possibly avoid it :)

  • It's funny as the beach changes, some bits are harder than others, and it is damp as the tide goes so high. You should try it, there is something very wild about running on a beach. I just take it slowly and have a piccy stop after every mile!!!

  • It's the pebbles that put me off. I see people running on them quite often, and I doff my hat to them! Must be a jolly good workout though, so I should really give it a go...

    I went running barefoot on a sandy beach earlier this year when I was in Texas, and I thought it was the best thing ever! I know what you mean about the feeling of wildness. The only problem was that my shorts kept falling down :) Oh, and there were stranded Portuguese Man-o-War jellyfish everywhere!

  • Serious respect if you are running in soft dry sand! The only beach running I have done is on 'Beat the tide ' runs where we run on wet sand, which is a lot easier. Great exercise for your calves! I would just accept it's going to be slow and enjoy the views! Very jealous...

  • Thankfully it's mostly damp or that would be even tougher!!! I try and alternate my running stance which seems to help but I wonder if there is a proper technique that supports the ankles too?

  • I've given up trying to run on soft sand. I go rightbdown to the edge of the sea and run on the wetter firmer sand & splash in tide/ rivulettes etc 😆

  • The sand here is damp too, and it's funny, some parts of the beach are firm and others are proper sinkers which is so hard!!! Do you live near the sea??

  • Yes I'm very lucky I have a lovely beach about 5 minutes walk away from the house. I'm right on the coast & also have some gorgeous woodland paths right on my doorstep too. 😊

  • my mother is cornish though we moved away we travelled back to visit her mother whilst we were young. I love the sea it always makes be feel relaxed and a certain sense of simply is...also very favourite run last year was druridge bay

  • I grew up from age 12 in Falmouth, and then my mum lived on the Scilly Islles for about 25 years so the sea I'd like home to me.... I'm so with you on that, it's very grounding too. I will be doing my next marathon in December by the sea and I'm getting in as many hills and tough terrain as possible to get ready 👻

  • Well done Ju! ☺ it will pay off! you will be as strong as a panther! 😊

  • Such a beautiful beach. No advice on running on sand, just beach envy. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I don't think it's meant to be easy! Looks so beautiful though.

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