Asics plan appears to be working

This is the first time I've got so close to the end of an Asics training plan. According to My Asics I am on for a time of 2:16:15 for an HM at the end of the month (which I still haven't actually entered yet). Last Sunday, this one and next is listed as a 17k run. Well, all being good I had planned to do the full 21 today as its been a while since I have, but following a very busy 19hr day yesterday and starting 2hrs later than usual I wasn't sure but went out anyway - and did 21k in 2:15:23 - so very happy.

Just a thought: we always say don't change anything on race day but some of us have to. My weekend runs start around 6-7am and are done fasted (very rarely eat breakfast on any day) so come my event day I have to eat before I run. This morning's mug of tea, glass of kefir with turmeric and small bowl of shreddies seemed to go ok.

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  • Sounds like you are very much ready for a hm. Go and get that place sorted and do it! Well done on your training!

  • Thank you. Just booked it - down to the last couple of hundred places

  • That's going brilliantly! Get it booked quick in case it sells out!

  • Just got my place. I was holding off as last year I didn't make it to the start line (and I missed the Longhorn this year).

  • That's really well done. You must be excited, wondering how much you'll improve on this at the actual race.

  • Thanks. Really surprised as my fastest time so far has been 2:34. Just ope I can keep it going.

  • Fantastic, well done you!!! Clearly the shreddies worked....!!!

  • Thanks. It's probably because I pinched the shreddies from my husband - had to high tail it before I was caught 😂

  • Excellent - you're ahead of the plan and the target, so well done you!

  • Thank you Tomas. Just need to keep it going a little longer. As its all down to 'on the day' so long as I can crack 2:30 I'll be happy, although I will be aiming for an improvement on yesterday.

  • Wow, well done Annie, you're absolutely ready.

  • Yes, thanks. Shame I can't just post yesterday's time😄. It was so much faster than I've ever done before.

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