Juju's mix tape trail run fun

I did this today, to give you a feel of my woods, and I have even managed to play the same music I was listening to!!!

I'm so grateful for the woods, I've been quite low lately and the last two days of runs there has really helped me, I think it's the oxygen level and all the green 😎

Happy Panthering



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  • This is quite magical! Glad you're feeling better for it.

  • Thankyou!!

  • Fantastic! Makes me want to running in my forest.

  • you will C3PO. It's lovely and serene in the woods. Hopefully you won;t be in there when it's the hunt or the local shootists are out on pheasant blasting. Oh dear me no! Nah we like a bit of off-road where you can get a bit Zen. Quiet underfoot as there's no foot slamming against conc or tarmac. Easier on the legs so give it a try. It's good for beginners as well as established runners.

    Great stuff Ju-Ju! I love your movies. My phone only records for about 2 seconds, and then it's only my feet! I did one,morning run, hopefully showing my lake. I might try and find it and post it up to show how NOT to make a running film. LOL

    How is your foot Ju???????????????

  • You should... I would love to see it.. foot ok - I've iced post run, stretched and just had an Epsom salts bath!!! 😎

  • You should, its the best!!!

  • I had an ESB post run today too!😊 it's a regular thing now

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