Last night's"fun" run

Well that was interesting. After a funny day at work I needed to stretch my legs and clear my head a bit. Off I go telling Mrs Andy I won't be long, so I left my mobile on the side. I knew roughly where was and found a few landmarks I knew after a killing hill climb. Then the weather came in. I'm not surprised as I was high up on the Oxfordshire Ridgeway. Slippery. Muddy. Puddles of some I could go round others went through. Maybe time for some trail shoes. Found a nice family of cyclists after a while and finally found out I had wandered off my chosen path but following them got me back to civilisation. Mrs Andy was not a happy bunny and I must take my phone or lose body parts.!!!! 19 odd k run., But it was very hard work. Still what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. 😂😂😂

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  • 19k! No wonder she was worried, not entirely a "won't be long"run!!!😕but very impressive all the same!that route looks a bit evil on the hills. Excellent,glad you got home safe and rem that phone!!!

  • Thanks aliboo. I won't forget the phone again. Honest. X x

  • Oooh Andy, I bet Mrs Andy was beside herself , there mustve been all sorts going through her mind !

    Mind you , I read somewhere that if you locked your wife and your pet dog in the boot of a car for an hour , when you opened it , who would be the most pleased to see you ? Ha ha :-D I am joking, please don't try this at home :-)

    Anyway , I digress. 19k is a LONG LONG way, its nearly a half marra ! Well done, that is a fantastic run , very tough. I would need a lie down after that one .

    Fantastic Andy xxx

  • Sounds like a great run, but your poor wife must have been beside herself!!! Yes take phone next time. Also useful if you get lost or stuck :)

  • Mmmm consider myself properly told off now . Phone will be on my arm always. Promise. X x

  • Your poor wife! No wonder she was annoyed! Yep, definately take your phone next time, I never go without mine. Well done on a fantastic run though, time to check out those trail shoes too!🙂

  • Uncontactable for 19K sounds like heaven 😀

    Nice one fella

  • sounds pretty good to me, although i do always take my phone and a tenner just in case. You never know what could happen for example when the other half loses remote control to the tv and emmerdale is about to start. How else would she find it other then to phone me and ask me where it is. And a tenner for those emergencies when your out or run past a nice pub and need a drink (not done this yet, but i will).

  • Oh that made me giggle. Thank you.

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