Sunday afternoon run for fun!

Sunday afternoon run for fun!

Over on couchto5k Oldfloss wrote a beautiful post about her early morning run. I took up the challenge to go for a late afternoon run and write up a post, so here goes.

Just recently I picked up an old poetry book that someone left out on their garden wall and found this wonderful poem: A Charm by Rudyard Kipling

It's a bit old fashioned and soppy, but I think it says much of why I love to run outside, seeing the flowers and trees, the birds and rabbits even! "It shall ease thy mortal strife..."

I went out at 5 this afternoon, a very different time of day for me - the park was full of children on their bikes and scooters, families enjoying the sunshine. The canal side was busy with cyclists, boaters and dog walkers. The slightly dubious and smelly canal sparkled anyway and the ducks and swans swam around at a Sunday afternoon sort of pace.

So - instead of a little 6-8k run, I ended up carrying on and doing 15k! Before I went out I was feeling tired - but when I came back I felt amazing! Restored. Energised.

"These shall cleanse and purify Webbed and inward-turning eye"

So thank you @oldfloss for the little kick I needed.

(For some reason the photos have come out hazy...)

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  • ...and they are beautiful because of it :)

    What a super run...and a wonderful post.

    I am glad you went out and really, really glad you found the enjoyment :)

    I shall look up the poem too! x

  • Lovely post and lovely poem. Thank you for sharing!☺

  • What a beautiful place you live in. A lovely place to run.

    Perhaps you got sunscreen or something on your camera lens?

  • Yes probably hand cream or something, because I gave my phone a good clean later and now it seems fine!

    It is a beautiful place, although it is actually quite urban. But access to open green space, such as the canal is fantastic. And I can run down to the Thames (top left photo) which is great.

  • Well done and lovely pics..... 😎

  • What a lovely report. I went for a run about the same time yesterday, which was unusual for me as well. My outcome wasn't as wonderful as yours, so I really enjoyed reading about your time along the canal.

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