Blenheim half marathon

Finished the above run this morning, by the skin of my teeth. I hurt my back two weeks ago and obviously not right yet. It's a very hilly route despite being called flat. I was great until about 15k and my hips gave out. Fir the first time in ages I had to walk. Most upsetting.!! My Tim was 1:57:45 or thereabouts. Still waiting for chip time to come. Onwards and upwards. Onto the next run. Andy. 😁

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  • Well done! I walked on several bits but it doesn't worry me. Walking saves lives! LOL

    I hope you're feeling somewhat restored by now and your hip is less painful

  • Well done Andy ! thats a brilliant time, especially if you're not 100% ! hope your back is better soon :)

  • Oh you should be pleased with that, especially if you're injured! Well done Andy xx

  • That is a fabulous time, huge well done to you!!

  • Congratulations! And a great time too - even with a small walk!🙂

  • How are you feeling today Andy ? Hope youre feeling a bit better xxx

  • I won't say I'm fine poppy but I'm moving and walking around ok. Seeing a sports physiology in the week. Lucky I'm on holiday and taking it easy. 😁😁. Xxxxx

  • Ah Good Luck Andy, hope you get sorted xxx

  • Usually do poppy. Can't keep a runner or a good man down. X

  • Ha ha , very true ! :-) xxx

  • Congratulations!

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