cycling gear any good for running?

came across a cycling top in aldi and thought mm i could do with a running top as it is getting a little more chilly now. So I looked around for a new running top and couldn't find one. Then I began thinking well why not get the cycling should be good for running too. I bought it and am now going to go out for my first run in it. Plus I have also noticed that it has some nifty pockets in the back I can perhaps put a small water pouch in or perhaps my win as far as i can see!?

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  • Yes definitely ! I have a couple of cycling tops from Aldi . Ideal for running and cheap as chips !

    The cycling socks are great too ! :-) xxx

  • I got the merino base layer for running in. I tried it out yesters and it's lovely. Very silky smooth as it's fine knit merino. It was very comfy and fit lovely.

  • is that from aldi too?

  • Fab idea, I think cycling gear is often much nicer looking and has added pockets too. It sounds ideal :)

  • Yes it is Marc!

    I run in a cycling jersey for my longer runs as it has pockets to stash my eats ☺

  • Not so sure about the bottoms with the bum padding! (Just got a whole lot of cycling bottoms)

  • I have two long sleeved cycling tops from Aldi - they're my winter running tops possibly with a vest underneath if it's really cold. I love the pockets!!

  • thanks dagshar coming to that conclusion myself...ran a 10K in it last weekend put my keys in back was chilly morning so was perfect.

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