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Marathon dress rehearsal report


I decided to do the required 30K using the Dalby Forest Drive and a couple of off road track loops to make up the distance. The MyAsics plan said to set a pace of 8.05 per K which I was fairly confident I could manage. Things didn't quite go as planned but I am going to look at the positive and list the things I have learned from this run.

1. I No longer like music to accompany my runs. I hadn't used headphones for ages but thought they would stop me getting bored. Turns out I far prefer to listen to the rhythm of my feet and breathing, so ripped them off after 5K.

2. I will never use a Camelbak again without thoroughly checking out how it works. this will save me suffering another embarrassing face plant when I get tangled in the tubes as. I try to dismantle it mid-run.

3. It is quite possible to run with scraped knees and a gravel-rashed hand.

4.Cyclists tend to be really nice people who call out 'How are you doing?' as they pass you.

5. Families with pushchairs and dogs in tow tend not to be so nice and are liable to stare at you with furrowed brows as well as blocking the entire path.

6.Rain is quite nice to run in.

6. After about 22K I change from the loving forgiving generous person that I recognise into a female version of Attila the Hun , blanking passers by, swearing colourfully at speeding traffic and imagining the horrible revenge I will take if my other half has not prepared a hot dinner and warm bath for my eventual return.

7. Speed is not everything.

8. Finishing is.

That's all folks!

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Noaky12Half Marathon

Brilliant post and I think you have it nailed!! Good luck with the event in real TT. We're all right behind you x


Couldn't agree with you more on all of these, never listen to music now and my being a cyclist i am quite nice too! I hope your other half had the dinner and bath all done, wouldn't want to be on the other end of Attila the hun!

Sounds like your gonna be great on race day.

misswobbleMarathon in reply to benwill

Good going 😊 30 bloody k! Respect! I bow to your running prowess.

It's tough out there but you're nailing it TT. Long runs can be a drag. I know sometimes folks you meet out on the run can be irritating at times but sometimes it's a comfort to know that you're not alone, plus you fon't feel so lonely when you pass other human beings.

Yes, finishing is all! Do or die 😠

My husband can't even switch the ruddy oven on the lazy feck, so for you to have a meal done for you is marvellous. Be glad! 😊

turnturtleMarathon in reply to misswobble

Whatever makes you think i had a meal waiting MissWobble? That was my fantasy. He had cooked himself half a pizza and left the other half in the fridge for me to cook myself. Ha! Half a pizza? After running 30K? Luckily my Attila mode had spent itself. I just ran myself a bath , curled up under a warm rug on the sofa and went to sleep. And I really hope I snored!

Sandraj39Half Marathon

Love those comments! And 30k? You are fantastic! Big well done!☺

aliboo70Half Marathon

brilliant list TT ! you've got it sussed! Agree strongly with no's 1 (i used mine last night after ages and found it a bit annoying and wire kept flapping around too!) and no 5 (definitely true lately!) no 6! and all the rest too! keep on going you're fab :)

C3POVirtual HM

30K is impressive! I don't have a Camelback, but an Osprey hydration pack that is more trouble than its worth. It's a good thing this happened during your dress rehearsal!

ancientrunnerHalf Marathon

Lots ringing true there!!

JaySeeSkinnyHalf Marathon

That's a long time to be running! Love the thought of you turning in to Attila the Hun! Can just visualize the transformation as the run goes on.

Still can't ever imagine running for such a long time! That must have been about 4 hours.

turnturtleMarathon in reply to JaySeeSkinny

It was 4 hours and 1 minute Jay. I didn't really think about time though. I know the route and just kept looking forward to the next landmark. I think I may try to learn the route in Berlin so I can use a similar tactic. Best not to think about running for nearly 6 hours!

All those things - so so true! I remember doing my last 30k run before the marathon and it was just that too, by the end all you can think is one-foot-in- front - of - the - other... And food!

You are right on track for your marathon, keep going!

(Ps, cyclists are friendly, but I do wish that more would use their bell to warn you when they come speeding up behind on the canal tow path!)

turnturtleMarathon in reply to Eatcakeandrun

The cyclists who passed me were usually on racing bikes with no bells but I seemed to hear the whirr of their wheels. I think they recognised that a Camelbak user as someone on a serious mission!


Half an uncooked pizza! Lucky for him you were knackered 😊 I hope you snore your head off for the next 6 months! Evil cackle. ..😊


I really resonate with everything you say there... huge well done on a great run... you are so prepared now :)

AncientMumHalf Marathon

Awesome TT, truly awesome. Half a pizza though! Half a s*dding pizza! That man needs a serious talking to, with a megaphone!!

Well done m'dear. IronMum goes from strength to strength :)


I know! I'm still bristling over Pizzagate! If I was TT I would run my marathon on thoughts of sweet revenge. Clean the bog with his toothbrush. Kennomeat pastie. Hours of fun.

He'll hath no fury ...........😃


Hmmm. He has now declared he is coming to Berlin and will no doubt give interviews describing how his staunch support has shored up my whole marathon venture. Did I mention how he said moments before my long run as he tried to persuade me to put it off for a day that It wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't get to Berlin? IT WILL! IT WILL! The man just doesn't understand the importance of positive thinking. Thank you my forum friends. Xx

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