*New* Race and Training Quest Week 2 ✔️

Hi all,

How is it going?

As some of you are aware, we have a rolling 6 week quest over on C25k and I want to 'test the water' here.

What the quest is:-

The quest takes six weeks.

You can join any time within that six weeks.

The main aim of the quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

Some goal suggestions:

To run X times a week✔️

To slowly increase distance✔️

To train for a specific race✔️

To add In Stretch and strength exercises✔️

Aim for a new 5, 10, HM or marathon PB ✔️

Every week I will pin a new post where all the members of the quest can talk about how things are going.

So if you wanted to join all you have to do is put

I would like to join the quest, or count me in and then I would like to. ..............

Your name will be added for the duration of the Quest.

Good Luck everybody !










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9 Replies

  • Hi Ju-Ju, thanks for this, well I've still got my plan to up my distance, did a 10k 'race' yesterday, will plan to do about an 8k and parkrun this week before I start putting the mileage up again.....maintaining stretches, squats and a bit of weight training 3 times a week - so far so good..😄


  • well done that sounds really good :)

  • Slight improvement in my interval paces last week. I just wish I could figurenout how to tell what effort I am making before my app tells me, so that I don't exhaust myself during the first minute of n interval because I'm going too fast.

  • that sounds fab, intervals are great arent they and fun too :)

  • My parkrun time was a tad slower this week. I aim to do weekly hill reps to get faster at powering up the big hill at parkrun :)

  • I'm still a wuss when it comes to hills. Is it your breathing or the muscular strength you're lacking? Or do you think it's a mind over matter thing? Hope the hill reps help :)

  • I'm yet to make running club this week, yesterday I got home too late and tomorrow's timing is looking tight too. But I'll try, and will at least complete the online sign up.

    I missed parkrun but did run on Sunday making it 3x runs/week for last week :)

    So far this week I'm in danger of missing both sessions of running club and not making my 3x runs/week. But I'll do my best to remedy this asap!

  • good stuff, well done :)

  • Have started my new 10 mile plan tonight -a very slow 5k jog -actually the pace was impossible it was so slow, although I do usually try stick to the recommended pace and distance if I can. Think I've got 17k to do over the course of this week. x

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