Today's exhausting run

Today's exhausting run

Very warm and humid today. I decided to go on an explore in the lanes in an attempt to learn more routes. I knew roughly where I was and didn't it didn't really sink in when I saw the sign saying 10% hill ahead. It was so quiet with no cars or anything. Well about forty minutes of climbing I conquered said hill and apparently an elevation of 220 metres, coming down was much easier. The views across Oxfordshire made up for the effort though.

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  • wow... worth it for that view and it sounds like a gorgeous run... well done!!

  • Thanks Ju Ju. I had to give up at 15 k as I ran out of water. Getting a lift home in my wife's air-conditioned car was wonderful.

  • I don't usually take water on a run but in this weather I suppose we really should. The heat was like an oppressive blanket yesterday. It really felt as if the warm air pressed down on you as soon as you went outside so I was glad not to be running and to add in hills takes some doing. I like the idea of sinking into an air conditioned car. That must have been instant relief!

  • That looks gorgeous Andrew , and a massive Well done for tackling that hill ! xxx

  • Thanks poppy. X x

  • That's a big hill and lovely view. Remember when going up hills especially steep ones like this that hills make you stronger.

  • Wow! That must have been tough, especially in the weather we've had this week - well done!

  • Thanks and yes I'm sure it does make you stronger. The toms of my thighs were a tad tired. !!!

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