What a day... joint last and a new PB

What a day... joint last and a new PB

Well these are words I didn't expected to type....

Martock 10k - Nice route, well organised, weather not too bad with a bit of drizzle... thought it might be a good run.. But my breathing forced me to take loads of walk breaks. I think it was a combination of exercise induced asthma and the high pollen count. Although I had an inhaler.. I wish I'd had a bottle of oxygen!

However, even though I came across the line last with another lady with similar problems I actually got a 10k PB!!!. Now, I'm not a fast runner, my finish time was 1:13

If I had been out running on my own, then I would have been well chuffed. Perhaps I should remember that its competing and getting a new PB that's important and not trying to compete with others. However... you get a really good cheer when you cross the line last!!! :-)

Happy running everyone.

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  • Congratulation Andy, that's brilliant. The pollen's awful at the moment, so sympathies. Thank heavens for Ventolin, eh!

  • Congratulations Andy on a fab new PB! And what a medal, really pretty! 😊

  • Well done on your PB Andy! Matters not a jot what position you came - you still did it! And I have to say, I absolutely love that bling! It really is a thing of beauty! 😀

  • The lovely thing about this forum is that so many people are slow and yet still carry on and are proud of it. I'm slower than you and think your time is great. I would be mortified to come in last - but posts like yours make me think again. What's wrong with coming last and getting a PB? Absolutely nothing! You're out there, fitter than ever - fantastic!

  • Love that medal! Don't be concerned about coming last - you had a PB - and someone has to come last after all! After being a race marshal for a 10k recently I can say that I have so much admiration for the people running near the back of the race - the sheer determination. And 1:13 is a perfectly good time too, well done!

  • That's so great Andy congratulations! Someone has to be last (it's usually me!) you enjoyed it, got a PB AND bling! I'd be more than happy with that time, well done xxx

  • Well done. It must be so hard running with all the pollen at the moment if your a sufferer. Lovely medal and a respectable time.

  • I think you were in a hard race! That's a decent time and wouldn't see you last in most of them. LOVE the bling, well done :)

  • Sorry I missed this post AndyD xxx

    Just wanted to add my Congratulations to you for this one and getting a new PB :-)

    Well done Andy, sounds like you were suffering with the pollen etc but you never give up and that makes you a winner in my book ! :-) xxx

    Gorgeous bling too ! :-) xxx

  • Hey Andy , great point, well done and that time is pretty good despite everything ☺

  • Well done, Andy! Massive respect to you for staying the course and coming in despite your breathing difficulties. Well done for the PB as well. (Faster than my 10K PB, I have to admit!)

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