Park run to Test my condition - PB and over the moon!

Park run to Test my condition - PB and over the moon!


Hope you had a great weekend! I notice a few have done races or prepared them (well done simonwilliamstutor for your amazing achievement on the 10K! Great PB!)

As I have written before I want to train for a 10K as well and this September will be all about speed. I have planned 1 interval training a week and a few other specific runs. In the same time I have decided to reduce the mileage as the legs were getting too tired and started to protest (and we do not want them to enter in a full strike action ;) ).

I needed a test to understand were I was in terms of middle distance speed, so this Saturday I went for a Park run. The first of the year and the first time on this particular course (fairly hilly and technical due to a few difficult curves). I knew there were a few good runners there (University park run...) so I used them to push my self a bit.

I ran with them for 1 K and it was my fastest 1000 mt in 13 years. We passed there (I was last of the leading group) in 3:30!!! I got a bit scared for the speed and reduced mine after that, loosing contact with them. I ran the remaining 4 K alone, with a guy in front about 100 mt. away and another behind me more or less with the same distance. I was very tired after the third and fourth K and I could not sprint in the end, but I was very pleased with the final result: 19:43! definitely my PB and probably decent even compared to when I was in my twenties.

You can see in the pic attached the results, I am the Italian guy first timer in this parkrun. Note that only 1 person my age got before me (the first!) 2 younger and 3 older than me :) There were 120 runners (87 men), so I was pretty happy with the result :)

I was thrilled the whole weekend and I am now looking forward to get a bit more training in and see what I can actually do in a couple of months in the 10k.

hope you have a great week

enjoy your running!


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  • Thanks, Marco. Fantastic time for the 5K and good luck for the 10k training.

  • I know I can finish the distance, now it is the matter of how much pain I can tolerate ;)

    all the best

  • Thats a great time, i think anything under 20 minutes is an amazing time.

  • thanks :)

  • Awesome - well done!

  • thanks :)

  • woo hoo that is incredible what a great time... I will be telling my son now he has someone from here to beat ( his best time is 21 ) so that will be good for him!! And given it was a challenging course thats even better. I wish interval gave such amazing results to me!!! Well done :)

  • I always like a good challenge ;)

    I will test a 5 K again in a few weeks time before the 10 k and then in November I will shoot for a PB. So great that your son is running with you :)

    Don't worry Interval will pay off. it does take a while and as you were suggesting it's painful, but it will pay off! I will update on my intervals, I am planning to get another 8X400 in tomorrow at 1:20 (3:20 per K) and then increase...

    have a great week!


  • Excellent result, Marco. Congratulations!

  • Gosh that's quick. You could try running faster at the end 😊 Save all you have for a big finish. Yeeeeeeeeeeeha!

    Fun INNIT! πŸ˜ƒ

    Dunno where the capitals came from πŸ˜•πŸ˜Š

  • it was fun! I intend to use a couple of other park run to try my level of run related pain resistance before attempt the 10 K. I will try again in a couple of weeks time.

    of course to deal with this type of effort I had to reduce total mileage to prevent injury ;)

    I'll keep you posted :)

  • Yeah, before a race it's difficult to go at it full pelt as you are worried about hurting yourself before the big day but want to test yourself. I do the myasics plans, which are interactive, and you know if you are cutting the mustard speed wise the whole way through it as each run is timed, so you know that if you hit the targets you can be sure (as far as you can be with these things) of your projected time on race day.

    I wouldn't obsess about it as you can get anxious. I know you men are competitive and like to charge about like testosterone-fuelled vikings but it's nice occasionally to hang loose and have a lovely leisurely run and just chill out. I have been avoiding parkrun for the past couple of weeks for that reason as once I get there I can't NOT go for it. Unless I'm tail runner of course.

    I hope the eating is going well. All healthy, fresh and tasty !

  • Yep, all good. for the next couple of months I am going to reduce miles, which will not help with loosing weight, but I have dropped 13 kilos and I am only 4 or 5 kilos away from my healthy BMI, so I am happy and I know that as soon as the miles will go up again I will have a fresh start in weight loss as well.

    I have tried myasics, but I have been adapting it with a few changes here and there depending on what I want to achieve.

    You are right, I have to admit I am slightly (read hugely) competitive, but this time around I am actually enjoying it a lot as well and I do lots of slow and different running as well (this morning I enjoyed a lot the warm up in the dark, gave me a sense of peace and connection with myself and nature :) beautiful!).

    thanks and have a nice day :)

  • I'm off now for a short, slow run. Fun in the sun!

  • Amazing time! Congratulations!πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Sandraj39

  • Fabulous time on what I have heard is a tough course. If you want some more hills try Colin Glen Parkrun - I have done it once and will never do it again! :)

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