ICE - Not frozen water!

ICE - Not frozen water!

As my long runs continue to build up, I have been a bit concerned about incidents happening on quiet country roads when I am miles from home  (morbid I know!).  

I have invested in an ICE identity tag (In Case of Emergency) which fits on to the strap of my Garmin.  It cost less than a tenner and was custom made and delivered in less than a week.  You can include whatever details you want. if anyone else is interested.

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  • Great idea, OG.

    Mrs MarkyD doesn't like me running without a phone, I don't like running with anything in my pockets.

    I have Nike Pegasus 31 iD running shoes and they have her mobile number on the tongues, but you label is more informative.

  • Great idea, and it reminds you who your wife is too... Very useful 😎

  • Hahhaha 😄😄😄

  • Great idea OG 😀

  • Thanks for the info, I'm looking into it.

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