Bournemouth Bay Run - half marathon

Hi everyone, I have just come from watching the guys finish the half marathon here in Bournemouth, and it was so inspirational. As someone who's not attempted a half yet, to see people sprinting home with smiles on their faces was great. For anyone looking for inspiration or a little motivation, it is a great experience. I still have 6 months training to go, but it's definitely given me a new spring in my step !!

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  • Sounds amazing and I must admit I'd not heard of that one before... One for the list!!! 😜

  • Yes i have watched a few races and it is very inspirational from the front people to the people at the back which in some ways are more inspirational everyone deserves to be cheered on and given support. 

    but the downside to watching is i get a bit jealous i am not out there running with them! 

  • I'd love to do that one!  I have only done one half to date but fully intend doing another one

    Six months training should get you there.  Include healthy eating in that regime won't you.  The fitter and stronger you are, the better you'll handle race day. Good luck with it

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