Juicyju's trail bonanza

Juicyju's trail bonanza

Rather than save myself and do one long run on Sunday I decided to do a Juicyju Trail bonanza.It was fabulous... it included 5 days on my gorgeous  trails. I think I learnt more from doing that than focussing on one long boring run!! This is what I did:

Day 1: 3.1 miles

Day 2: 4 miles and a spinning class

Day 3: 8 miles

Day 4: 7 Miles

Day 5: 7 miles and a 1k swim

=27.1 miles :)

This is what I have learned:

1. Epsom salt baths really help with a quick muscle recovery ( get some, they work)

2. Fuel- I really struggled on the 8 miles and had to have my emergency candy kittens at 2 miles as I was starving and limp. The next day I had 2 pieces of toast 2 hours before and that run was amazing and the best ( 7 miles). This really hit me and the penny dropped about the importance of food.

3. I love trails and after this marathon I will do a trail one next as they are more fun!

I ran a 10k this morning before work and it was horrible. I have to run on the main road ( too dark for trail) and the car fumes were just so grim :(

What has everyone else learnt on your journey to a big race? 


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  • go JJ.. an inspiration as always...

  • Thankyou 😎

  • You are amazing JJ! What I have learned? Well after nearly killing myself after the last long Sunday run - 3 hours and 18 miles - I have learned to do proper stretching as many times a day as possible, especially for my piriformis ( deep buttock muscle). On Sunday my whole right leg was almost numb from sciatic problems. So I have been stretching whenever I can - waiting for dinner to cook? Stretch! Watching tv? Stretch! Standing around drinking tea in the morning? Stretch! So far so good - I managed 9 km today without too much pain. 

  • That's a lot of stretching and that's also a great time for 18 miles, well done 😎

  • Trail events are great, especially as you get run somewhere different! 

  • That's what I like the idea of too, I'm going to start looking for them...

  • Good for you JJ!  I can envisage you leaping up forest trails and over the fells.

    I tend to limit my longer runs to quiet country roads or public footpaths with good surfaces, but I do have the advantage of living in a rural area and can run during daylight hours.  

    Some of my running club buddies love trails and mud but I have twice suffered the indignity of falling all my length.  First time my chest was heavily bruised and I struggled to take deep breaths for weeks, second time I fell on my hand and it has been swollen and tender for a while.  

    Maybe its my advancing years (falling and taking longer to heal 😉)  but  I am cautious about risking long spells on the injury couch.  Therefore my lesson learned is to stay off the mud.

    I need my breakfast too! 

  • That sounds lovely, and you are wise to be cautious, it can be catastrophic and that's why I go pretty slowly as I really don't want an injury...

  • Yep I need to eat my meal an hour and a bit before my run.  I can't run far on empty. I did it once and my legs just stopped. Lesson learned.  

    Your week's runs sound very interesting. Mixing things up will help to keep things fresh and save you from getting bored.  I run on the roads a lot and it's not my fave I have to say

    Giving myself some cross training today, and been out with the hound.  That helps my legs keep ticking over I'm sure.  I'm with you on the Epsom salts.  They're helping with my recovery after running hilly routes

  • They are amazing aren't they? And I hope you had fun with the cross training? I had spinning class yesturday and I found it hard as I am really tired ( work!!)

  • Great photos! And great learning on food. Carbs are important for energy. I use a nutribullet to whip up drinks and think it's fantastic. I typically put (this sounds complicated, but it's actually quite fast and easy) frozen spinach, couple of nuts, scoop of oats, bit of olive oil, half a banana, chia seeds, yogurt, and carrot. Tastes really nice and I think the drink is a good combo for slow release of energy.

  • Wow, and yes I don't think I will ever get the whole fuel thing right, I'm really rubbish!!! But it's amazing the difference it makes....

  • That sounds and looks great, good photos as always (everyone should post photos of there run!) and no matter what you say you do work for the Epsom Salts Council (http://www.epsomsaltcouncil.org/) 

    I am with you about trails much more exciting, they maybe slow and harder work but now the clocks have changed and the sun has got his hat on I will be on them all the time. 

    What have i learnt on my journey to Brighton, i still have no idea about what to eat the night before or even before going out I just know if if i feel a bit hungry i will suffer and I always need energy gels if i plan going over 90 minutes.  Also training for a marathon is hard to fit in around family life.  

    Also lots of self doubt about myself even more then when i did c25k and some of those weeks seemed impossible!  but after my last run i feel a bit more confident. 

    For now after my brighton Marathon i think i will be trying my hand at some triathlons once i get a road bike that is! 

  • Oh good idea.... I think a triathlon would be so much fun due to the variation etc... Ironman?? Training for a marathon is really hard especially with work and family, and the fuelling is really tricky too...

    And how did you find out about my job? I'm the head tester 😜

  • IronMan no! i was thinking of a sprint! 800m swim 20km bike and then 5km ride to start with! 

  • I love the meal the night before! It's part of the prep routine countdown. I have a griddled salmon steak, wholewheat pasta with spinach and veggies, with a blob of Boursin, stir it gently in, parmesan on top with a sprig of basil.  Lovely jubbly

  • Sounds delicious! I will try the Boursin thing - yum! 

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