Juicyju's big fat and juicy HM plan

Juicyju's big fat and juicy HM plan

I have been doing some research on my forthcoming training to aim for a sub 2 hour HM... It's going to be tough but I like a challenge. In perpetration I have to work towards these stats:

5k time: 25.55... My PB is currently 26.50

10k time: 53.50... My PB is currently 56.36

The other guide is for my pacing:

Easy runs: 9.26 to 10.27

Long runs: 9.29 to 10.50

Tempo: 8.31 to 8.50

Race pace: 9.05 to 9.1

So I have lots to do!!

My plan is to:

increase my weekly mileage to 40 miles a week

Use the pace timing guide for my runs always including an interval session

Work on my 5 and 10k times then upwards towards HM

5 minutes of strength training a day ( a workout in trail runner mag)

Spinning class and swimming

Lose 5 kilos

I feel worn out reading that but it is doable.

Proper panthering stuff this is now 😺

Oh and legs out for the first time on my trail on Sat, gorgeous run ( see pic)

How's everyone else doing? New plans?


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  • Good  luck juicyju I have no doubt you will get there and great to have such a focused  plan!😊

    I don't think I'm in danger a sub sub 2hr HM for me looking at those stats! But I did knock 2 mins off my run club route  that we did last night, compared to last yr on strava!!😊😆

  • Ooh well done you, I'm not sure I'm up to it either but I'll give it a bash!!!

  • You can and will I reckon!😊🐱

  • you got your legs out again! 

    that sounds like hard work makes me want go back to bed!   I didnt think it would be such hard work.   My aim is to go for a 2hr HM as well but i need to find a decent one in my area there was a lot just before the marathon season and now none till sept/oct/nov. i will also ask at the running club for any suggestions.   But i guess it will give me time to prepare. 

    My PB at 5k is 23.31 done at a parkrun. 

    10k - 56.45 but done on a very muddy trail run so sure i can beat that. 

    so i am sure 2hr half marathon is in me. 

    But i want to try and get some swimming and cycling in, looking at Leeds Castle Tri which is like on my door step so it be good to enter. (800m swim, 20k Ride and a hilly 5krun)  you get to swim around the moat! 


    oh and i have entered Hever Castle Trialthlon the Sprint plus (800m swim, 40k Bike ride and a 8km run) this is on the Saturday 24th September (hint to put it in the calander)


  • Added... And I'd say you could definately do a half given your current times, especially your marathon time which is fabulous!!

  • Thank you! 

    But if you put my Marathon time into one of those pace predictor's then it predicts 2:07 for the half but if i use my 5k pace then it predicts 1:50.  But the only way to find out is to try! 

    I am sure you can make it too. 

  • What about your 10k pace? And I also believe if we really work at it we can improve our pace times considerably ( see the latest copy of Runners World its v inspiring)

  • I shall have a read I have it on my tablet just not got round to reading it yet. 

    With hard work and dedication anyone can achieve anything, I believe that more than ever after completing a marathon. 

  • Gosh! That is quite a challenge you have set yourself JuicyJu.  1 minute off your 5k, 2:30 off your 10k and 5 kilos off your .....

    How many weeks have you set yourself to achieve this?

  • I have till September ready for my 46th... So I think that's plenty or have I bitten off more than I can chew??!! 

  • Hot legs  Ju or should I say Hot Leg as I can only see one ha ha :-)

    Sorry cant offer any advice on the improved pacings , but losing 5kilos shouldn't be much of a problem .

    Ive lost one and a half stone (9.5 kilos )  since the end of January through following a healthy eating plan, I have cut down on bread and binned all the crap,  sweets, cakes , biscuits . Tough at times but oh so worth it !

    Good Luck , if anyone can , its you ! :-) xxx

  • You have done so well on your weight loss. Do you feel loads better for it too???

  • Thank you Ju, yes loads better now Im not eating all that rubbish I used to shovel down my throat ! :-) xxx

  • Wow! that is a Plan! in 2012 I managed 1 hr 59 for a half marathon, don't know how I did that, but I don't think it is going to happen again! The last one I did (Royal Parks) was 02:03:02, which I was very pleased with. I have the Ealing Half in September - we will see how it goes...

    A couple of minutes off doesn't seem like much until you see just how quick you have to go - mile after mile! I think speed/interval training is definitely the way to go. I seem to remember I did a lot of intervals back in 2012. 

    Good luck, and look forward to hearing your progress!

  • Well done you... And yes I know I am taking on a bit task but I'll try and keep posting on my progress....

  • Parkrun is shouting out! Could you ask for a pacer for 5k times you would like to get to jj?

    Love your plan! And Goals! And keeping strong - there are also really some smart cycling plans, like the running ones, that guide to maximise training and results.

  • Thankyou, and I really should get to parkrun again. I stopped as I needed to squeeze in my long runs at the weekends, good idea!!

  • Good luck with the plan. I love a bit of focus. My experience from some short strengthening exercises daily was really good. I knocked a minute off of my 5k and 2 minutes off of my 10k so I'm a big advocate of that.

    Go for it ☺

  • That plan looks eminently doable to me. Once you can get your 5K time down, everything else will slot into place. Barring injury, I think you'll do this by September. Good luck!

  • Thankyou, and thats fab that you think that. I am going to do my best!!

  • Good luck  JJ, I am sure you will do it!

    There are 5 parkruns near me.  I have scraped in under 25 mins at 4 of them but am 40 secs out at my favourite one.  My target this year is to crack that one (Humber Bridge).  

    I have done 50:59 at two (very flat) 10 k's and would like to get under 50 this year.  

    Regarding Half Marathons, my first was over 2 hrs , but I have done 3 under (1 hr 53 min, 1 hr 55 min and 1 hr 57 min).  Would love to get under 1 hr 50.  Time is against me 😀 so I need to do it soon!

    When my marathon is out the way, I intend to join my clubs serious runners on their track sessions, as I think this is the only way I will progress further.

    It's nice to have targets!

  • I think you will do that no probs, and great times! I think I will start going back to Parkrun to reduce my times and really push myself....

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