Post 10k / pre half (?) ponderings

Hi all,

today myself and a few others who started out on this forum completed the Birmingham 10 run.  According to Strava it was my second fastest 10k in 64:41.  I had not run much in April, but a tough Lakeland trail and my increased cycle commuting probably helped keep my fitness and cardio as well as leg strength up.

I really enjoyed the run - I am always worried on the faster road events that I run out of puff, but it was ok :-)

Two things came home to me though:

1) As much as I like the odd faster run, I really like trails better - they're just not as easy to find on my doorstep.  the route was not that interesting and I just focused on my running and watching others (I don't usually take music on races).

2) I also thought that I really would have preferred running a bit slower and a bit longer.  Funny, as after my trail half in February I was glad to be able to get back to shorter runs.  Now I really want to get back to longer and slower ones!  I guess variety makes for a more interesting life :-)

My next two events are in June - two trail 10ks in Shropshire and Worcestershire and I look forward to those.  I am at present wondering whether to enter a half marathon in Wuppertal, Germany on 3 July.  I was going to do a half in Birmingham along the canal that weekend, but will be in Germany with the kids.  I'd really love to do an event in Germany and see what it's like.  Also with it being a flat road one, I might get a useful half marathon base line for any future marathon (if ever).  the times on my trails cannot really be used to predict anything, but this half only has a 5 m difference between minimum and maximum elevation, so it really is flat!  Downside is that it's one short and 4 longer (probably 4.5km) loops and if it's a hot summer, there won't be any shade.

Decisions,'s "only" 33 Euros (plus about another 35Euros train fare to get there from my home town) and the closing date is not until a week or so beforehand, so I might extend my runs again in May and see how things go. 

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  • As you say "home town" does that mean you are German? Just interested as I've gone the other way, a Brit living in Germany. Haven't done any events yet though, not quite up to it (pity they don't have parkruns over here)

  • Yes, that's right. Have been in the UK for 26 years now. Where are you in Germany? 

  • Munich, been here for 30 years now. But frightening how time flies!

  • Go for it dagshar. You'll be kicking yourself when you're there if you don't 😆 x

  • It is a big jump from 10k to 25k. I wouldn't feel ready for it but maybe you've been running a lot longer than I have so are generally stronger. Anyhow it sounds as if you are ready for the challenge and since you'll be in Germany at the time, why not try it? The worst that can happen is that you might have to run some of it. Can you work on longer runs for a bit first before you have to register? 

  • Oops I meant walk some of it!

  • Hi, Thanks, but I have done a trail half marathon before, at the end of February, so I know it's doable :-)  

    (It's 21.3km by the way not 25, thankfully)

  • Sorry I didn't realise you'd already run the distance. Hmm well I'd say, what's stopping you?

  • That's a very good question!!!  I always fuss and overthink things.  It's the fact that it's laps, that it could be hot and that there's only a half hour window to collect the starter pack on the Sunday.... :-)

    My daughter wants me to go and she will come with me and go and have lots of ice cream or go to the zoo.

    I just need to make sure I fit the training in, then there's really no excuse....

  • I reckon you should definitely go for your German race! You are definitely capable of it. I did a road HM last Nov,  my only one so far and that was a flat route but on a very windy day, just entered a local hilly one for 29th may just cos I f I don't try it this year I will really regret it! I'm like you, longer and slower suits me better.... 😊good luck!

  • Hi Dags, yes I think you should definitely do the German one .

    Go for it, you can do the distance , it would be perfect for you xxx

  • well done on all fronts, and I am so with you with the trails and the longer runs. I find a 10k harder as I am really pushing myself...... I would go for it :)

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