The Juicyju Bath Half dissected

The Juicyju Bath Half dissected

So here is my post race reportage in the form of a Juicyju listy list :

πŸ’ͺ Pre race:

I met the lovely Pepper from the FB running blog and we had a great chat in the changing tent and then at the start line.

The nerves were in full force and I found all the crowds quite a challenge and a bit scary.

πŸƒ The Race:

There were so many people I found it really hard to cope with all the crowds and focus on my running. I started off way too fast and did a sub 30 minute 5k and 10k on the hour as I had some harebrained idea I wanted to do it under 2 hours! I had a big dip at 9 miles and gulped down a lucozade drink at 10 miles and then got a stitch!! Urgggg

It was very hot and I think alot of runners found that a struggle after months of cold weather training!!

I had to text my husband halfway to meet me with my inhaler as my breathing was awful, not sure why.

Last 2 miles was really hard and I went so slowly. I tried to zone out the crowds but frankly they really pi$$ed me off! I am so used to having the luxury of running in the countryside without seeing a soul, it was all a bit much. I am such an old grumpy goat!!!!

Such a relief to pass through the finish line, but then I felt really dizzy and sick πŸ˜“

πŸ‘€ Post race debrief and learning:

Part of race training is coping with the actual race: crowds, other runners, noise, different fuel etc. Worth considering beforehand how you will cope.

I started off way too quickly. I have been training for a marathon and not a speedy half. However I do plan to properly train for a sub 2 hour half marathon later in the year. This has taught me alot and makes me realise that I could do it with the right training. If I could maintain the pace of the first half then I can.

I dont like crowds!!!!!!!!! ( but then I never have)

Fuel- still not right

Lose weight. I am not 'overweight' but I have been reading up on this and it makes complete sense that to run quicker and better every ounce extra is a burden to my legs. I am aiming for 65 kilos ( currently 72 and 5 foot 8).

Piccy is stats summary- many thanks for reading if you get this far down!!

Happy Panthering


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  • thanks for the update and well done! I'm not a lover of the crowds either and even on my regular 5k's I find that I get pulled along too quickly at the start by other runners. I cant wait to get up to 10k then hopefully a HM by the end of the year, its very inspiring to read other peoples journeys :)

  • Thankyou, and yes its worth being mindful of the crowd thing as it can be very daunting! Good luck on your training. As soon as you have dates for races tell me and i will add them on to the events calendar, it needs filling up for the year!!

  • 1. Well done!

    2. Your not a goat

    3. Thats a great time

    4. You didn't listen to my advice - start slowly!

    5. Just how hot was it? everyone seems to say it was hot (it wasn't hot in Kent)

    6. Can you tell me when you have the fueling right, i know i don't have mine right and Brighton is only a month away.

    7. Why can't everyone stick to KM's instead of Miles, i have no idea how your pacing is from your screen shot because i do all mine in KM's!

    8. Errrr well done again!

  • 1. Thankyou

    2. Well OK I suppose I haven't eaten my coat lately

    3. :)

    4. I know, kicking myself now

    5. It was about 100 degrees

    6. We must meet up at Brighton. Not sure I will ever get fuelling right!!

    7.When I started training for my first marathon I switched as there are less of them!!!! Helpful chart

    8. πŸ’ƒ

  • well.. 'a sub 2 hour marathon later in the year' now THAT IS impressive!!

    but well done.. you completed , that's surely what REALLY counts..

    As i said before, good 'times' I think tend to hit you when you least expect them/ plan for them...

  • Thankyou, and yes I agree that is so true.....

  • Well done - you should be doubly proud for conquering the race and facing up to your fears.

  • Well done juicyju you made it!😊 I think it's great you did the HM and you have learnt alot on the way that will stand you in good stead for Brighton. Better than not doing a race for a while and then turning up at your marathon and feeling spooked. I think you did brilliantly and i was thinking of all of our fellow c25kers yesterday and willing them on ! You get extra kudos from me for taking this on and you did 2.15 which is an amazing time in my book! πŸ˜†

  • aww thankyou. Its amazing what we learn from such events!!

  • Great report :-)

    I have to agree about the crowds... whilst it was great to get support I felt I was being screamed at to run quicker or to start running again during one of my many walks!! I to am used to running very much on my own in the local country lanes.

    It was strange to run in the sun or a relatively warm day for the time of the year.. perhaps this had something to do with my poor time.

  • I know... it was quite unnerving. I like to take walk breaks and I was so conscious of them tutting etc!!! I think its really hard to get in your zone on a run like that. I am so looking forward to going out and doing my own thing tomorrow!! Well done you too. we did it!!!

  • Great job ☺

    That's a fantastic time and the run really served it's purpose as a "trial".

    I find running with others tricky too as I'm used to running by myself in the countryside. Not quite the same aversion but it really does negatively impact the game plan. I can still view the crowds as adding to the experience but if you don't like crowds i can appreciate it must actually be scary. Hopefully someone on here have some good coping mechanisms.

    Well done ☺

  • Thankyou... It's so different from open countryside!! Yes good practice for the next big one!!!

  • Great report - thank you! Well done on the race and time :-)

    I may try this next year - it may be a toss up between Bath and Silverstone, but I think I may prefer the scenery at Bath.

    I know what you mean about crowds! I think the London winter run would have freaked me out if I hadn't had the company of many of our facebook friends. All events I did last year (other than one race for life which I didn't enjoy) were a lot smaller with just a few hundred people. I was quite glad of the solitariness of the beach on the last few kms of my recent half marathon when I was dragging myself along jogging and walking.

    I guess the advantage of the larger events is that the likelihood of coming somewhere more in the middle of field rather than the end are higher :-).

  • I prefer the smaller events like the Eden one as there aren't the crowds of runners. However bath is great and there are live bands all the way around and a real buzzy atmosphere too...

  • First - congratulations! Great achievement! I agree that being a lot warmer than when training can really throw you out. Personally I quite like the atmosphere of crowds at races, but I think it's awful if people were tutting because you were walking! and it is so hard not to go too fast at the beginning. I am struggling with that in my long runs - off I go thinking I am nice and steady and then realise I will never keep that pace up!

    Anyway - I am sure you will be fab at the next race - Brighton I think. Smash it!

  • Thankyou, and yes it's Brighton... Eek!!!

  • First of all, massive congratulations on your HM jj! That alone deserves respect and a really good time too! It sounds as though the heat caught a few people out - can't really be prepared for that following the weather we've all been having. Also, crowds of people (spectators and runners) must have been a challenge to someone who is happiest panthering on her trails! I guess events like this are a completely different mental challenge compared to our usual runs. That said, you still did it and I am sure you will also be fab when you run your marathon. Well done☺!

  • Thankyou so much and yes I miss my trail as not been there for 3 weeks!!!! I won't be at the weekend as we are down in DEVON again!!

  • Well done Ju ! You did what you set out to do and you did it in style !

    Many Congratulations to you , and yes it was very hot here too yesterday . That gives you double Brownie points in my book ! :-)

    I love the crowds to be honest , the more the merrier , but it's whatever you feel happiest with and I know you will be at your happiest back out on the trail tomorrow .

    Enjoy it :-) xxx

  • Thankyou so much...I am most definately happiest panthering on my trail!!!!

  • Well done JJ.

    Whatever your thoughts on the crowd, the times etc.... You did it and in a great time too.

    Be very proud xx

  • Thankyou...

  • How on Earth did I not comment on this post when it first appeared??? Massive congratulation on a job really really well done πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† xx

  • Late reading this! Sorry JU!!

    First off. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. You did it! Of course, you did but you know what I mean. LOL

    I know what you mean about setting off too fast and getting stitch. I did exactly the same, but you have to learn these things don't you. It is a steep learning curve after all. The fuelling is a tricky one, and will no doubt be perfected at some point but it's a balancing act. You'll sort it Ju. Hopefully sooner rather than later! I had a Lucozade lime and lemony drink after my 10k as they were handing them out, and despite my reservations, it was rather good. I don't think I could have drunk it mid run though.

    I would have given my eye teeth for some people to support and cheer runners when I did my half marathon! For most of it there was no-one! It was really boring at times, making the run much more of a slog. Give me some vocal supporters any day.

    The running lighter is another thorny issue. I think running light is ok for a fast 5k but when you are running longer distances, I think a bit more heft is probably justified. Not sure though. Let me know if you find out!

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