How are you getting on with the 2017 targets?

How are you getting on with the 2017 targets?

Some of us posted new years resolutions (, and time certainly flies, doesn't it? To imagine, the two months since New Year is a sixth of the year already. Hopefully everybody have made good progress to be able to fulfil those ambitions for the year...

I have taken the liberty of copying the resolutions from the post to remind us all. No pressure, you understand (he he). So, how are you getting on? Is the training for all those races progressing nicely? Getting the miles in? Happy with progress so far?

Please just let me know if you do not want to be called out like this; I'll be happy to remove anyone from the list. Or if you didn't volunteer a resolution back then but now want to get on the list, just let me know as well. If it's ok with you, I might even repeat this post in another couple of months...

C3PO Significantly improve HM time. Run first Marathon.

roseabi: Brighton Marathon. Windsurf on the sea. Improve upper body strength. Faster 5km and 10km. Four+ 5 km or 10 km races. Get from 10 to 40 parkruns. Get a stretching habit.

misswobble : Full marathon. 10 km race in Thoresby Park in April.

aliboo70 : Full marathon.

Curlygurly2 : 10 km race in March with @Madge50 and @AncientMum

Jacs-W : First 10 km race in March.

AncientMum : 10 km in Cambridge in March with @Curlygurly2 and @Madge50. Wings for Life race in May.

Madge50 : First HM in March. Some 10 kms. Wings for Life in May. Maybe second HM in october.

IbenCopenhagen ; HM in June. Maybe one in March too. And one in September. Room for one in the fourth quarter.

@Tomas: No zero-run months. Run 2017 km in 2017. Sub 5 hr marathon, sub 2 hr HM, sub 55 min 10 km.

agedsnailspace : First marathon in April (Paris). Another in Nov. Keep running streak going longer than last year. Maybe sign up to route 66 challenge (2280 miles, running, cycling and swimming).

AndyD : 12 hour event with a 6 km loop.

ju-ju- : Sub 26 min 5 km, sub 2 hour HM, run every day and an average of 4 miles a day.

Hillrunner2201 1: Sub 50 minute 10 km. First marathon.

Gnet : Half marathon in July.

Bazza1234 : Keep on running. Maybe HM in April. Get comfortable running 10 km.

@Dunder2004 : Sub 26 min 5 km, sub 2hr HM (Ideally by Oct, but 'deadline' is April '18), 1,000 km.

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  • Training is going ok for my half marathon and I have a few months left yet. I ran 6.5 miles on Sunday which is my furthest ever. Today I have a 3.1 mile jog and looking at the weather I should have gone out earlier but hey.. skin is waterproof :)

  • That sounds great, very happy to hear it. And you're absolutely right about skin being waterproof. At least we're (slowly) coming to the part of the year where it's also not horribly cold. Onwards and upwards, eh? Well done for having stuck to it over the last months!

  • As most people know (due to me boring on and on about it) I am injured, Plantar Fasciitis, and now my herniated disc has come to join the fun... I still have hope that I might be able to do the race in March, if push comes to shove I can change to 5 KM on the day, and even walk it if necessary.

  • Yes... your injuries have come at a bad time for the race Curly (having said that, is there ever a good time for injuries???). Sounds like a good positive idea to walk it if necessary, far better and positive than staying home. I'm keeping fingers crossed that things magically will sort themselves out (I'm also hoping for world peace and more bees)

  • Thank you, the foot is getting better every day, I'm at the stage now where I've had to ask Baldy to hide my shoes, or sit on me if I start talking about going for a run. It's so nearly better, but I feel running on it would set me back...I'll see the osteopath as soon as I can get an appointment, she might check out the foot too.

  • The osteopath has sorted my back (until the next time) and foot feeling much better. As you probably know Tomas, I'm trying run/walk, that seems to be doing my foot good. Feeling hopeful for the race - less than two weeks now.

  • 😔get well soon, CurlyGurly🚑

  • I am not doing anything for the speed targets until July. But the marathon training is going well, and with 17% of the year gone by now, I have covered 21% of my distance target. So things are looking good at the moment.

  • Oops, that answered my question :) Well done!

  • Ah, so my clever trick about not turning my own name into a hyperlink didn't work *lol*

    (seriously though, the webpage didn't want to mark it, it must be clever enough to realise it's the same name as the logged in user)

  • Ha ha - awesome!

    The Brighton training is going to plan - I've been finding the winter training harder than I thought, but I've stuck with it! Time will tell, 5.5 weeks to go...

    Windsurfing is out of season at the moment, but I will get out there after the marathon!

    I have achieved PBs at both 5k (25:21) and 10k (54 dead) since the beginning of the year, so that is going very well :)

    I have only been to one parkrun so far this year (no. 11), so I need to work on that more (the marathon training is getting in the way a bit though).

    I have entered for two 10ks and a triathlon (which has a 5k run), so just one more to enter - and then all of them to do :D But the first 10k is on Sunday :D

    The stretching is going very well, and I am pleased with it.

    My upper body target needs a proper goal. I am doing upper body strength training as part of my routine, but I was thinking of making the goal 5 chin-ups by the end of the year - difficult for me!

    How are yours going, Tomas?


    nb Speaking of goals, my marathon ultimate goal is < 3:50 although I'll be very surprised if that happens! I'm going for less than 4 hours anyway. For my 10k on Sunday I'm aiming at 50 mins, and if I can do 5k in less than 23 minutes my husband says he'll start C25K. He's probably safe :)

  • Oh wow, sounds like you've been a busy bee roseabi! Has the maranoia set in yet? ;-) It's so exciting now, soon, soon, soon...

    Congratulations on the 5 km and 10 km PBs, that's great stuff to achieve at the same as distance training. I always find that if I try to do speed and distance at the same time, I end up hurting and aching and possibly injured. So I've decided to just not go there.

  • I'm starting to get nervous for sure!

    My legs are a little iffy I have to say, so I will be taking a little break from running after the marathon. I've got swimming and biking to do anyway :)

  • And thank you!

  • Just saw the updated response with the timing goals. That sounds speedy!! Best of luck, and I look forward to see Mr. Abi proudly announce his completion of w1r1 ;)

  • :D Thank you Tomas! Although I am a woman actually :)

  • I figured from the picture ;-) I was referring to your " if I can do 5k in less than 23 minutes my husband says he'll start C25K," but not knowing his name the best I could come up with was Mr Abi :)

  • Haaa sorry :) I totally forgot I mentioned him. Doh!

    I should add, my time goals are highly excessive :D

  • OMG I panicked then! What the heck did I promise to do, in the heat of the moment. Ha ha Oh a marathon! Cuh! what was I worrying about!

    (shuffles off weeping)

  • You did nearly two thirds last weekend, so you'll be fine *wink*

  • I have now signed up for a HM in Early April - have done an 18 klm training run and intend to get to 22K before the race. Then after July I will do a couple of 10K's , so I will complete the same as last year 1xHm and 2x10K. So I am slowly realising my primary goals.

  • Excellent Bazza. At new year you sounded like your heart wasn't fully in it wrt the HM. Now that we're in March and it's happening next month, are you feeling more positive?

  • Yes - have done the training out to 18K so far so no worries about "finishing". I wish I didn't have a PB to live up to though!!! will have to try to forget it as it will be much hotter in April this year than it was in July last year!!!!

  • I'm happy to be on your list, Tomas. Always good to be held accountable and reminded of the goals I've set for myself. Not that I think I would really be able to forget as I think about running all the time 😄

    I've registered for a HM in March as I was contemplating and I am on track training for it.

    I have one more goal for 2017: A sub30 5k. I has got to be within reach!

  • Excellent Iben, that's the spirit! Great that you have both booked AND trained for the March HM. Now all you've got to do is show up and practise what you've done in training. A sub 30 5 km, that sounds great. Remind me, what is your current time?

    You're doing great,

  • In December I came very close with 30:21. Since then I haven't run short distances because of the HM training. But now I am actually beginning to miss a short, quick run which is making me think that in April, I'll chase the sub 30 5k.

  • Hi Tomas, thanks for doing this, what a good idea! A little reminder......😬

    Well, the first ever HM is on was hard, but I think I can do it, I have got some 10k's booked - far......and also booked Wings for Life in May, and I have booked another HM in October....😬

    I'm also hoping to reach my 100th parkrun in about October....all being well...

    Glad to hear your training is going well.

    Keep well


  • Sounds like you're ticking them off fast, Madge. Well done you!

    Have a wonderful time on Sunday, it'll be great!

  • Uh oh! i just looked back at the resolution post!! well you never know! my bruv Paul is just about to start his marathon training soon for one at the end of May, no promises yet though!!! but i'm happy to be on your list Tomas!!

  • I knew I could count on you Aliboo. And a little sibling rivalry is always a good thing... if Paul can, then surely so can you ;-)

  • I wasn't around when the original post was up, Tomas. Would it be possible to belatedly add me to your list?

    My goals are:

    Sub 26 minutes for 5K

    Sub 2-hr half Marathon (I will try to do this in October but my actual 'deadline' is April '18)

    Total distance of 1000km

  • That's a great set of targets Dunder, hope you have a great time achieving them. I've added you to the list.

  • I'm also happy to be on the list.

    Training has been spotty lately, but considering my first HM this year isn't until September, that's not a problem. I have an 18K race coming up in May - which they got so wrong that it ended up being 20K when I ran it last year. It's half terrain, half street race, so time isn't a factor there. I would like to considerably up my time on that race though. I need to do quite a bit more terrain running in advance this time, so I'm not as exhausted by the time I get to the roads. My marathon won't be until just after Christmas, so I also have plenty of time to get ready for it.

    Otherwise I have plenty of races booked, so I'll be back to my regular training today, and will be hitting the streets again this evening.

  • Sounds great C3PO. Sounds like you're well and truly ready to get fully back into the swing of things, and you're right that there's a long time till September and Christmas.

    The 18/20 km race sounds like a bit of sloppy measuring, but hope you have a great race, and that you get enough terrain training in to make it an enjoyable experience.

  • Oh my goodness, I'd forgotten I'd put those resolutions on here!!!😂😂 I hope I'm still on target. The marathon isn't until September but I did 17 miles today which felt ok. I'm backing off a bit on mileage now though as I've a 10k race later this month and a hm in April. The 10k in march is fairly hilly so I may not get the sub 50 for that one but I'm hopeful I'll smash that in one of other 10ks I'm doing this year. I only need to shave 30 seconds off my pb.

  • he he, yes it's easy to forget these things ;-)

    Sounds like you're doing great. 17 miles when you're nowhere near the date for a marathon... you must really like long runs!

    Good luck on the hilly 10 km and the HM in April.

  • I think I like challenges 😬!! Thanks and good luck with your running this year too👍

  • I am running my 10k race on Sunday eeeeekkkkk. Now Im beginning to think mmmmm😮Whats next ? Doh!

  • The world, as they say, is your oyster. I hope you like oysters ;-)

  • I do indeed, but how big should that oyster be? I dont want to bite off more than I can chew teehee. I'll wait a week, see how the race goes, then some serious thinking💪🏻🤔

  • This is fab, thankyou for sharing and good to keep us focussed!!!!... I am doing really badly!!! I think I have got slower.... BUT I am on track for my yearly running goal which I am happy about :)

  • I think it's fairly common to drop speed when we focus on distance. I find that if I try to improve both at the same time, I end up either knackered or injured (or both!). However, if you keep up the distance goal, I'm sure you'll find the energy later to also do something about the speed. That is, if you still fancy doing so.

    And when you say you're doing badly, I think you're very hard on yourself. You're doing a lot really!

  • Ok, so I have to admit, my streak got sabotaged early on - a week ski-ing. I would normally go for a short (only 1 mile) run each night, but we had another runner in the chalet and he insisted on accompanying me. He was much faster than me and that made me run at a faster pace than I can comfortably manage at altitude, so after 4 days, I left him to it. I have picked it up since then, though, so still plan to manage a longer streak that last year, it just won't have started from Jan 1!

    The first marathon is still on track (and now less than 5 weeks away!!!) and the November marathon is booked, so still on track there :).

    Running/riding 2280 miles is horribly ambitious - to date I've run about 270 miles this year. While that sounds really behind target, I'm ok with that as I don't really go out on bike rides this time of year, so as long as I can keep this level of mileage up running, the extra cycling during the summer might still get me there. I haven't signed up for the official challenge (too mean to pay the money!) but I will track it myself and am still going for that. :)

    Great going keeping us honest with our targets, Tomas!

  • I like that approach. When one streak "fails", then just start another one. Good spirit! Running fast at altitude does sound like a recipe for exhaustion.

    Exciting with the marathon, five weeks is next to nothing in that scheme of things. Well done you!

    270 miles is a lot, and with the cycle rides when the weather improves, you have certainly set yourself up for success. Well done!

  • Hi Tomas, I missed this at the start of the year....really need to check in here more regularly.

    Elsewhere I wrote:

    Some other running goals for 2017 (apart from the total distance targets, i.e. 1000km):

    - get 5k time to below 29 mins; I am at 29:10, so this should be achievable

    - get HM time to below 2:25; both Bonn in April and Tissington in October are flat, so that also could be possible

    - improve 10k time to below 63 or maybe even 62 mins (I know that although I can manage 5k in under 30 mins, a sub 60 mins 10k is still very unrealistic)

    - widen my gait slightly so I stop kicking myself above the ankle; I know I tend to cross over and need to work on that.

    Well suprisingly I got new PBs for both 5k (27:43) and 10k (59:27) at the London Winter Run. My first trail half just over a week ago was a struggle and I was 4 minutes slower than last year (2:49). So with only 4 weeks to go to the Bonn half on 2.4. I will be more than happy to get close to last year's Tissington Half which was 2:28.

    Main goal at present is to stay clear of any more cold viruses :-)

  • Wow dagshar, it sounds like you've ticked most of the boxes off with 10 months still to go. Only the HM and distance target to go. Well done you!!

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