Hello and a huge welcome from Juicyju :)

Hi everyone

Its Juicyju here and I want to say a huge hello and welcome to this exciting new community.

I started my running journey in February 2013 when I happened to be looking at the NHS choices website looking for quick fix diets and I found the C25k clip. It stuck a chord with me as Laura said anyone can learn to run in 9 weeks. Now I am someone who HATED PE at school, hated running and found athletic types REALLY BORING!!!!! Jump to having 2 kids,a full time career and a 45 year old body that was saggy in all the wrong places!!

I went out the next day and did day 1 week 1, and I was immediately hooked…. It meant I could walk out of the front door and be back in half an hour which my busy lifestyle allowed!! I had no ‘kit’ and I generally went out when it was dark so no-one could see me. I then graduated from the programme in April along with my son who I bribed to do it with me!!

Being of the ambitious persuasion I had to have a new goal… so I got to 10k, then a HM in October. This was my very first race and it was the Eden Project Half Marathon in Cornwall. It was tough but what a huge sense of achievement! All this time I was blogging about all of my adventures on the C25k community.

I had some injury setbacks which were hard but I learnt so much from them and then eventually I knew I wanted to complete a marathon… So in April 2015 I completed my first ever Marathon in Paris. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done but the sense of achievement was incredible. I am now training for my next Marathon in Brighton in April 2016.

I still don’t feel like a proper ‘runner’ or athlete and I never will, but running is in my blood now and I am extremely passionate about it. I have gained so much from the C25k and 10k and Beyond communities that I am really keen to extend to the next steps in this community for those of us looking further afield.

I want this group to be for anyone who may gain some benefit from what people share and can perhaps offer advice too? So if you are keen to get to Marathon level or you are training for a specific event ( 5k, 10k, HM or marathon) then this group is for you!

Lets support one another on all of our journeys big and small and help each other reach our goals whatever they may be.


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  • Looking forward to sharing experiences, fears and triumphs with everyone.

  • Hi Ju - what a great idea for a forum! Hope your training for Brighton is going well - I did the half-marathon there once and it was great. I'm doing the Manchester marathon in April and then hopefully the Lake District 55k trail in July - eek! Looking forward to picking up some tips here! x

  • Are you my cousin Tom???!!

  • That's me! This sort of thing obviously runs in the family (no pun intended)

  • I'm so pleased you are here... And wow the 55k trail sounds fabulous, I would so love to do something like that. I bet there is a lot of elevation??!!

  • Sure is - bit worried it's going to be beyond me!

  • Ooooh a brand new forum and our very own Panther as Lady Boss !

    Fantastic, very well deserved Ju !

    I cant see me doing a Marathon in the very near future but this is really great that we can also share our thoughts and views on any races we have entered .

    Brilliant ! :-) xxx

  • Me neither Pops but we can dream. I feel another half coming on though

    Oh how fab. Ju just met her cousin on here. Small world int it

  • Blimey ! Isnt it just ! :-) xxx

  • Great a new forum for us Muppets who get some sort of enjoyment out of running longer distances!

    I've done 2 HM's and currently have 2 booked for this year (so far) Bath in March & Bristol in Sept.

    I'm starting to ramp up the miles now and have an 18k planned for this weekend. I've been adding 2km to my weekly long run for a few weeks now and I'll be taking it to 20km before tapering back.

    Well done Ju.. we will all welcome your advice and experience :-)

  • Great to see you here...I am doing Bath too...... and well done on ramping up the miles, its tough isnt it?? Sounds like you have been very sensible about your approach. I will probably do Bristol too ( I live there!!!!) Are you going to do the Bristol 10k? Its great for PB's.....

  • Yes.. also signed up for the 10k with my daughter.. I did ask her first :-) Bristol is my hometown (Fishponds) and still have family there although I'm in Somerset now.

    I'm still not very fast but I do like to be out for a few hours at the weekend and luckily the levels are pretty flat.... but its still tough. I don't think my training week is as high as yours, but I'm also doing a gym session and 2 other 5-10k runs in the week.

  • It's just over a year since I 'graduated' from C25K.  I have kept in touch with some other graduates through Garmin Connect, but stopped visiting the main HU forum due to the amount of time I was spending on there 😊.  

    I'm still running and have entered for the Edinburgh Marathon, so have less than 9 weeks to go.  I'm looking forward to following everyones progress.  Thanks to Curly for letting me know this group has started.

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