Countdown to BathHM

Well, that's it. Last long run done (15K over hills and through wind fresh from the North Sea) My time was ridiculously slow as usual but I can even feel good about that because apparently it's thr slow runs that teach your body to burn fat rather than glycogen for energy and make it less likely that you'll hit 'the wall' in the race itself. That is so much what I want to hear that I choose to believe it and refuse to risk weakening my belief by scrutinising the evidence. So a glass of congratulatory prosecco and a hot bath later (an ice bath is not for me - so I refuse to scrutinise the evidence in favour of those either) I am feeling all fuzzy and brimming with, maybe not confidence, but happy resignation. I WILL finish my first half marathon in my own good time in just 8 days time. Oh and I am so inebriated with endorphins and prosecco that I have also signed up for that well known London 10K in July which takes you past all the sights. I know it's expensive but then so is a city bus tour and you don't get the traffic stopped and people cheering you on one of those...

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  • That sounds like a very positive attitude TT! Best of luck next weekend - what an achievement it will be😀!

  • Yep - you're going to do it! So excited for you. Good luck

    Also, love your rationale for the London run ☺

  • Fantastic, you sound on top of the world... That HM is in your sights now and you are going to nail it 😎

  • Thanks JJ. Once I'm on the real countdown the nerves get better somehow... Is anyone else doing the London 10K? I appear to have entered ther Leeds half marathon in May too, That must have been another prosecco-inspired click of the mouse!

  • well that sounds more positive TT! glad you're feeling better, and indulging yourself after a long 15k! we all have faith in you and will be cheering you on! excellent stuff ! x

  • Thank you everyone. I will try not to let you down!

  • We are all very proud of you TT , and you certainly won't be letting anyone down ! :-)

    Good Luck ! Xxx

  • Sounds like you are totally ready for that Half Marathon. You will nail it!

  • Well done. Have a good restful week and I hope all goes well next weekend😀

  • Thank you Dagshar. I'm sure it will. What can possibly go wrong? :-)

  • You're an inspiration TT, so much so that I joined this group just to tell you so. You're going to be grand xxxx

  • Awww AncientMum. That is so nice of you. I will be grand, The boy wonder will be waiting for me when I finish ( having been wearing his medal for the previous hour and a half) and his support and yours mean such a lot to me xxx

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