gym bunny 👯

I saw an osteopath at the gym this week for free ( offering 10 minute sessions). He was quite an eccentric bloke but that aside his advice was useful. I told him that I am prone to achilles troubles and he suggested swopping one of my 4 runs a week for a spinning class!!

So I went this morning... my very first proper gym bunny assignment.

Here is a list of my findings:

Women were v v unfriendly and wore MAKE UP and their hair was COIFFURED?!!! I Dont get that, its only going to get really messed up.

Man called Paul was SOOO lovely. He adjusted all my parts so I was properly fitted and he smiled. He is officially my first gym 'friend' :)

The teacher was lush, she was really nice to me and checked me over ( all via her loudspeaker which was unnerving)

It was really good fun... lots of pushing, rising up from the saddle and twisting the knob to make it harder with v loud music ( not all to my taste but I loved the Frankie Goes to Hollywood track)

It was not hard at all and next time I will twist my knob alot harder to make it tough

I will most definately be back next week and I will try and find my new friend- and also know its helping my marathon training too :)

Happy spinning and panthering


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  • Oh Ju, you get worse! that's all I'm saying ;)

  • ;)

  • Ha ha! Coiffured!! Love that word! Bet you were tougher than all of them!😀

  • Oh thankyou... I wish :)

  • What? You don't wear make-up to run? I was planning to get sponsorship from a 'Make-Up for Old Women' company for the Berlin marathon. So that's a no-no then? Dammit. Even if I run so slowly don't even break into a sweat? I quite fancied a pre race makeover. I thought my daughter was kidding when she rolled her eyes at my suggestion, but if JJ endorses her I guess I'm outvoted ;-(

  • Below i say I don't wear makeup to the gym but I do wear maybaline (not sure on the spelling) 24 hour lipstick for events. It's a confidence thing I do for meeting lots of people.

  • I do too- Max factors one for me ( number 70)

  • As a rule I always wear my lipstick when I run ( I have 24 hour stay on throughout a world war type thing). You absolutely MUST have a pre run makeover, I am prescribing it. What annoyed me was that these women had put foundation and everything on and its the gym!!! Outdoor running is a whole different ball game in the make up league ( I just dont like gym bunny types). Go book up your beautician :)

  • Well, it's sort of been offered to me free, so it would be rude to say no really wouldn't it? I think maybe a tinted moisturiser is a good idea for sun (haha) and weather protection anyway isn't it? Just probably best to avoid three shades of eye-shadow contouring and I will certainly need no blusher if previous races are anything to go by. So shall I Just stick with false eyelashes and night before collagen lip augmentation then? And obviously a full body misting with Chanel No 5 and blood red nail polish.. Hair? Maybe a curly red wig is a good idea too. It would further reduce the chances of anyone recognising me as I hobble along at the back of the pack, (which was the main aim of my make-over idea in the first place).

  • I would leave the judgment about turning the knob up till tomorrow if I were you, my knowledge of gym assignments its they can bite you up to 48 hours later. I'm with you, I'm at the gym to get sweaty and I would smear my makeup all over my face if I went to the gym with it on. Well done for doing the spin class, they scare me.

  • That all sounds very comical! :D Next time can we have a JuicyJu Vlog? :D Teehee!

  • That would be hilarious, I am so tempted now... ;)

  • I see these spin classes when i walk into my gym and i see all these sweaty people bouncing up and down on there bike things and the "music" loud and terrible like its some kind of disco now if they played some Anthrax or Megadeath then i might give that a go. For now I will stick to being billy no mates and go for a swim instead.

    But hey good luck cycling and making more gym mates if you can make friends with sweat pouring down your face and being out of breath you can make friends anywhere!

    I also have never worn make up to the gym it would just come off as soon as i got in the pool.

  • sensible decision about the swimming and the make up ;)

  • JJ hits the gym...

  • One of the mums at school works out with fake eyelashes on! And thick foundation! Complete with her hair extensions and fake breasticles too. She's a lovely lady but I do find myself questioning; why? Why? Why?

    Keep spinning .... naughty but nice!

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