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I got to 700 and an overview of my Juju thing :)

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Hello.... so yesturday was my 700th run in my runstreak. I did not for one minute think I would make it to that number but I did. So I wanted to share a few things that I have learnt and also share my next steps...

What I learnt from everyday running:

*Once a routine is established its so much easier- no gremlins, or other problematic noises.

*My body took a year to get used to it and I slowed down considerably but finding now I am able to push more.

*Yoga and strength stuff really work. Since adding that in I have had not had further injuries for 8 months now- but I do miss Jerry ( my osteopath) but I may go and see him for an MOT/ service.

*If I am emotional, running is SO much harder. Nothing to do with a tired body.

*I am much more on a high after a speedy session or a spin class. It gets the endorphins going better.

*I love my woods- they change every weekend where I run.

*I am really rubbish at signing up for races and stuff, its just not my thing.

*Everything I want to achieve takes me 10X longer as I dont / cant follow plans

*I dont like rules and I like risk ( not necessarily running related but more of a life thing)

I have added a picture- the top half is what I do on average every week, and the second is my tweaks for next year. I have made sure that I have only made one change per day and no doubt I will do my own thing anyway, its just a guide. The run numbers are miles btw.

Next year my goals are:

*Nail that f***** pull up.

*Learn the splits ( first session this morning)

*Do my own JuJu thing

*Triathlon and Marathon ( signed and paid for... no comment...yet)

*Keep on running running running

**Get a body like Lara croft

Happy panthering everyone




** Dream

35 Replies
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MikeJones68Half Marathon

I reckon Lara Croft's list includes "Get a body like JuJu"

ju-ju- profile image
ju-ju-Marathon in reply to MikeJones68

Oh I wish, thats such a lovely thing to say :) XX

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AlMorrHalf Marathon

Well done and congratulations on achieving those 700 runs, other exercises as you say are very important for running. I notice from the photo you do a lot of planks and yoga.

Even before I began C25K I did a lot of planks and yoga after my daughter gave me a yoga mat, perhaps that would be the reason that when I was doing C25K I did not have to repeat any runs or weeks. 😊 Not sure about pull ups, you need a special bar for that, I once saw a competition on how long any person could hold on to a bar, if they could hold on for a hundred seconds they would get £100, no one managed, the longest was 80 seconds. 😊

ju-ju- profile image
ju-ju-Marathon in reply to AlMorr

Oh thats superb... love it. Unlike you I had never done yoga in fact I scoffed at it. Its only having my sister stay and make me go that I have discovered the benefits. As for pull ups, I have been training for nearly a YEAR... yes a year. I ma 100 X better than I was but I can still only do them with a green rubber band ( I have graduated from the blue rubber)!!!

And Thankyou so much :)

AlMorr profile image
AlMorrHalf Marathon in reply to ju-ju-

PS. May I wish you compliments of the season, whether its a Merry Christmas, Happy Yuletide, or a happy midwinterfest, enjoy all your runs in 2019.

ju-ju- profile image
ju-ju-Marathon in reply to AlMorr

Thankyou- And to you too 😀

Lordi profile image

Congrats! That's a hell of a streak! And a great list of todos for next year. Yes the deadly New Year's resolutions are gnawing away already!

" Must not post something too nutty and extreme! Must not post something too nutty and extreme! Must not post..." repeat for as long as needed.

Don't worry, as soon as I've had a few glasses of port I'll surely post something I will surely later regret at leisure. :-)

Talking of nutty, what about the big 1,000 streak in 2019 JuJu? ;-)

ju-ju- profile image
ju-ju-Marathon in reply to Lordi

That is so true, i hate making resolutions as I am so rubbish at keeping them, and gosh yes I will hopefully hit the big 1000 in 2019.....!!!

Tbae profile image
TbaeMetric Marathon

Streak amazing,experiences amazing,existing schedule and new schedule amazing.

Inspiritational Warrior of the Woods.

How you manage this schedule together with your other responsibilities is just fantastic.

Can see your general adaption syndrome in play🤔 and further super-compensation lift off as a result.🤔

Best wishes Julia with your fab plan and thanks for sharing everything.

Will visit your post a lot in the future.💥🏃‍♀️🐆🥋💥☄️👏👏

ju-ju- profile image
ju-ju-Marathon in reply to Tbae

Thankyou... I am loving the warrier title 😀And thankyou so much, there is alot on there...yikes i had better deliver!!!

Tbae profile image
TbaeMetric Marathon in reply to ju-ju-

You always have, so nothing new for you.💥☄️👏👏🐆

roseabi profile image
roseabiUltramarathon in reply to Tbae


Tbae profile image
TbaeMetric Marathon in reply to roseabi

You are awesome Abi, woman of steel.💥🏃‍♀️☄️💥👏👏

MatildasPb profile image
MatildasPbHalf Marathon

Thank you for your inspirational performance. But thank you also for saying that it took you a year to get used to it. For I am finding it tough to adjust. I’ll push myself to stick to the plan but find I go down with a cold or some other minor annoyance. As I’ve said before yoga is a big part of my life. So when I’m not up to running I can still pick a class which suits.

Thanks also for your b210k plan that has got me this far. I’m currently trying to stick to Abi’s HM plan. I’ll get there but in my own time. The support I’ve had from the other people on this forum has been fantastic.

I’ve also signed up for a couple of ‘races’ next year. Likewise, no comment...

To summarise: thank you, keep panthering and I know you’ll those crack pull ups!

ju-ju- profile image
ju-ju-Marathon in reply to MatildasPb

Thankyou so much, I am really glad that you have enjoyed the plan, and enjoy Abi's HM plan as you progress on your running journey 😀

Irish-John profile image

Wow!!! just....Wow!!!!!



ju-ju- profile image
ju-ju-Marathon in reply to Irish-John

oooo thankyou 😀

Oldfloss profile image

Okay.. Just read the plan and feel shattered :) Go Ju...!

I love the goals list.. especially the "Do my own Ju-j thing,, and the running, running running..." as for a body like Laura Croft.. you just remain Ju in Ju's body.. you look and are, indeed, amazing ...

ju-ju- profile image
ju-ju-Marathon in reply to Oldfloss

awwww thats so kind, thankyou XXXX

misswobble profile image

Well done Ju! 💪✊

Next year be even more awesome 👍😁

ju-ju- profile image
ju-ju-Marathon in reply to misswobble

Thankyou- Onwards and upwards eh 😀😀😀

misswobble profile image
misswobbleMarathon in reply to ju-ju-

Always darling, always 💪👍🏃‍♀️

Whatsapp profile image
WhatsappHalf Marathon

I admire you, just not sure I want to emulate you. A fantastic acheivement, well done!!

ju-ju- profile image
ju-ju-Marathon in reply to Whatsapp

wow thankyou, thats so nice!!!

HoagyM profile image
HoagyMHalf Marathon

Utterly awesome ju-ju, thanks for sharing. So much good stuff there, truly inspirational - keep it coming!

ju-ju- profile image
ju-ju-Marathon in reply to HoagyM

Thankyou so much 😀

roseabi profile image

Lara Croft was all boobs when I was playing Tomb Raider 2 back in the 90s, but she was definitely rather good at pull ups 😊

Go Ju-Ju - woman of steel!!! I have every confidence in you 💗

ju-ju- profile image
ju-ju-Marathon in reply to roseabi

She was wasn't she and I don't think having a boob job is in Juju's plan so I will stick with my own non Lara Croft boobs and just aim for the pull up!!!!

SaskAlliecat profile image
SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon

Amazing! You are a great inspiration!

Decker profile image

Amazing Juju! You are working on all the facets and it is paying off big time. You are a great inspiration for what someone can do if they set their mind to it!

Deals1 profile image
Deals1Metric Marathon

Fantastic! Inspirational!🏅🎉

Happy festivities 🌲🎅

Wizziewood profile image

Oh ju-ju- you're wonderful ... such an inspiration to us all.

Keep up the good work. Happy Christmas and happy running in 2019.

Jennypenny2 profile image

You sound like you can achieve any you set your mind to 😁

Jay66UK profile image
Jay66UKHalf Marathon

Lara Croft had many body shapes and some were umm unsuitable for running. Be happy being you x

GeorgiosA profile image

ju-ju- you are such an inspiration!!! Well done you, and best of luck for your 2019 plans - I am sure you will smash it!

PS: Triathlon eh? Looking forward to seeing some cycling on your Strava feed :)

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