Injections not painful if done right

I haven't had injections done by a radiologist in Florida who utilizes idea 5% and the injections were not painful and the recovery from the injection took place within 3 to 4 hours. The same injections were carried out by my best neurologist in Canada and he was using adding 10%. Idea when applied to an open wound is very painful and that is what happens when you break the outer membrane of the eye thing goes in and causes irritation. Again suggested to my Canadian retinologist to use 18 5% which you eat as long as I purchase it on my own because it was not available within the hospital. He has been using it for the last six injections and my pain levels are very low and the recovery from the injection as I say it takes only three or four hours. I realized the idea is used as an antiseptic and 5% has been known to be very effective just as much as the 10%. Everyone should discuss the matter with your knowledge I just see what he says on this matter. David

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  • Excuse me for the type II errors that occurred in my presentation regarding IODINE. I want to correct what I typed and I wish the type that would be larger because I find it difficult to see and hence the problems that I had typing in the correct information.. my reference was directed to IODINE 10% which was used by my retinologist in Canada and he agreed to utilize the 5% iodine. The result was less pain Les information and a fast recovery of 3 to 4 hours. As I said IODINE ( CHEMICALLY NAMED POVIDONE IODINE) is an antiseptic. I originally was in the medical field for 30 years but had to retire because off the eye condition that I have had for the last 25 years. David

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  • Hello David,

    The iodine eye wash is often one of the contributory factors to pain occurring after an injection. Some people have an allergy to it. Fortunately it is fairly rare.

    Have a look at our factsheet, 'Pain in the eye after intravitreal injections';

    Best wishes


    Macular Society

  • Don't sweat the typos all of us suffer from sight disorders and I'd say typos are REAL common herein! 8-)

  • In addition, you can and SHOULD ask the Doc to do an additional FLUSH of your injected eye(s)after the procedure; the irriation from the antiseptic is AWFUL so all I do is remind them to do an extra flush-- all good.

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