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Dry Macular Degeneration

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I went for my usual eye test at the opticians last December and was told I had Age Related Macular Degeneration. I am 63.  I was told it was the dry type & that all I needed to do was monitor it weekly with the Amsler grid as there is no treatment for the dry version but to contact them immediately if it worsened as this was usually a sign of it turning into the wet version. He also told me about the Areds 2 tests. & said it might be worth considering supplements due to my not eating dark green veggies.  I went out & bought Lutigold extra from Holland & Barratts on their recommendation. I have been taking this daily since but have just been reading various articles on this site & wonder if I'm doing the right thing. I don't know if it was an ophthalmologist or an optometrist who tested my eyes & I didn't run the tablets past my GP. Can you give me advise on this please.

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Dear Nanny52,

I am sorry to read of your diagnosis.

If you were tested at the opticians it potentially would have been an optometrist as opposed to an ophthalmologist who tested your eyes. The optometrist is the qualified optician who should be the one who is conducting the main eye test, as opposed to the dispensing optician who deals with the spectacles side afterwards. The ophthalmologist is the eye specialist at the hospital.

It is advisable to have a word with the GP about the supplements that you are taking, in case any of the ingredients interfere with the absorption of any other medication which you are on or with any other medical conditions.

Please contact us on the Macular Society helpline, 0300 3030 111 for further information on nutrition and supplements and any other AMD related concerns. We are open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

Kind regards.

Thanks for your advise, I will make an appointment & check as you advise. 

An opthalmologist would normally be a consultant in the hospital. I requested AREDS" from my G,P. and have been presrcibed it. I was also 63, now 67. It has been wet now for 2 years and I have injections every 4-6 weeks. I had no idea ithad changed even though i used the amsler gird every day. I went for a routine optician appt. and he discovered it. Keep up the checking and eat KALE+++have more regular optician appointments.Good luck. I felt utterly bereft when I found mine was the aggressive wet sort so ...just letting you know. I am more philosophical now:)

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Nanny52 in reply to maryparry

Thank you for your input maryparry. I have started eating a little Broccoli, not really keen on it but making the effort. Will see what my GP says when I visit 👍

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maryparry in reply to Nanny52

Mash it up with cream and cheese and pepper.Scrummy!


I'm sorry about your diagnosis and empathise with your views on dark green veggies.

For most of my life (I'm now 84) I wouldn't eat my greens. Now that I have wet macular degeneration I've changed and do recommend that you try kale (for the lutein it contains); it's easier if you tart it up a bit by adding garlic and chili, or soya sauce.  There was a wee recipe competition in the Macular magazine a year or two ago which might still be available. Or you could Google it and find a variety of ways to make it easier for you.  There will be ways to disguise spinach and spring greens, too, which I now feel very virtuous about eating.  A £1 bag of chopped kale should last for a few meals.

Do you think your GP would refer you to an ophthalmologist - just to make sure?

Good luck.


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Nanny52 in reply to Beldie

Hi Beldie, 

As I've just said I'm trying with the green veg. I also eat more peppers although not as high in Lutein they are tastier. I will give the kale a try & the disguising tips.  I will also mention a referral to my GP when I go too. Thank you 👍

I was diagnosed with dry macular degeneration in January last year and told to take supplements based on the AREDS formula. I take a minimum of 20g of lutein in supplements per day. (I-Caps or Eyewise usually one of each!) I also eat 100g of spinach, taken as a smoothie and liquidised with some fruit. I found that Kale was too tough in liquidised form. My recent check up at the hospital after 14 months showed no further deterioration.

That's good, hope you continue to do so. Thanks 🙂

I've got to say that raw kale put in a blender with spinach banana fruit juice and another fruit (eg apple) makes a tasty smoothie. Obviously the texture depends on how much kale and spinach you add sò it's a good idea to start small and work your way up. I love it. Blend well. Enjoy!

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